A Guide to Multilingual Inbound Marketing in Melbourne

Thanks to the internet, globalization is now a thing, and all businesses have their digital marketing strategies set up. It made reaching international audiences more convenient than ever, especially in Australia, where there are more than 25.64 million internet users.

But, what makes multilingual inbound marketing great, and why do marketers prefer using this strategy in Melbourne rather than traditional marketing?

Part of this is due to the diversity of languages that are being spoken in Melbourne. According to a study, there are about 251 languages people use in the area, and, surprisingly, English is not on the top of the list.

This article will discuss what multilingual inbound marketing is and why it is best to get translation services for their businesses in Melbourne.

When your business is geotargeting Melbourne through inbound marketing, it’s important to know your Melbourne audience–their demographics, their interests, and their online habits–before you embark on any multilingual tasks like changing your language offerings for Melbourne audiences.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Melbourne business that’s looking to do multilingual inbound marketing, you’ll be concentrating on how to build from the inside–such as through blogs, social media campaigns, SEO optimized content, and viral videos.
What Is Multilingual Inbound Marketing?

Multilingual inbound marketing is a strategy that aims to attract more audiences by creating valuable content and translating them to other target languages. Unlike the traditional outbound method with annoying ads and pop-ups, it helps build better relationships with your customers.

But, how is it possible?
It’s pretty simple. By providing customers with informational blogs, website pages, and social media posts, you are helping them answer their questions and pique their interests at the same time.

For example, 79.9% of the Australian population have social media accounts, according to a study by Genre. That’s 20.5 million people! And Melbourne is in the top #10 Instagram geotag hashtags in Australia, according to Talkwalker.

If you’re going to translate them into multiple languages, then you’ll be able to reach more diverse customers who can’t understand Australian English, which is the main language in Melbourne.

You can follow three steps when applying inbound marketing: Attract, Engage, and Delight. Here is how you can use them: Attract – You can do this by providing content that people search for and will likely open, read, and comment on. This establishes your expertise in your field and industry which will help build trust within your customers.

● Engage – Present solutions and insights that will help people overcome their problems and reach their goals to get more probable conversions.

● Delight – Provide support to your customer’s issues to get better feedback about your offer’s products and services.

When your customers find your products satisfactory, they’ll likely share their stories with others through social media and website reviews. There is also a high chance that they’ll recommend your brand to their friends and colleagues, which will earn you more sales.
Why Getting Translation Services For Marketing In Melbourne Is A Great Idea

Even though Melbourne has no official language, many people still regard Australian English as its de facto national language due to its large number of users. It is why most companies prefer using it in their marketing campaigns, overlooking the edge that could get with multilingual strategies.

Melbourne, one of Australia’s multicultural cities, houses about 65% non-English speaking population. It marks excellent opportunities marketers could get with multilingual inbound marketing in the area.

So, it would be ideal to partner with reliable translation services in Melbourne with National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) certifications if you are planning to enter the digital marketing industry in the city.

Here are some of the ways to check if you have the right Melbourne translation services for your business:

● They can help translate your articles, social media posts, and website pages to match your audience’s language and culture.

● They can help you create email marketing campaigns in different languages.

● They cover a variety of language translations and language pairs.

● They offer expertise in your industry, whether you are in the legal, medical, technical, or financial sector.

● They have accreditations to translate legal documents that your company needs for global marketing.

A mistranslation of your inbound marketing content can turn your customers off instead of impressing them. By ensuring the skills of your translators, you can prevent any translation errors that may affect the integrity of your business.
Benefits Of Doing Multilingual Inbound Marketing
Now that you know what multilingual inbound marketing is and how it works in the industry, you might be wondering if it is worth the effort. Let me give you an answer — YES!!!

There is no way millions of successful marketers are doing inbound marketing for their business if this is not beneficial. In fact, 65% of over performing companies are using this technique through customer relationship management (CRM).

To prove more points, here are some of the benefits that you could get with a multilingual inbound marketing strategy in Melbourne:
1. You Can Get The Outcomes Of Sales And Marketing In One.

We build technology because humans like to make things more convenient for everyone and the same perspective also applies in the business industry.

Unlike other approaches, inbound marketing is a two-in-one strategy that combines the insights of both sales and marketing teams to create over-the-top content for their audiences.

While salespeople have the knowledge and experience in the customers’ preferences in their buyer’s journey, the marketing team can create targeted contents that will help your buyers.

With the help of the two teams, the contents would be informative, helpful, and provide solutions to your consumers’ problems, thus inviting them to avail of your products or services.

Here are some of the inbound marketing strategies that you can do for your Melbourne business:

● Blogging and content creation
● Lead generation
● Email marketing
● Marketing automation
● Social media marketing
● Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
● Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Multilingual inbound marketing in Melbourne can drive more leads, increase conversion rates, and build a better relationship with your current and past customers.
1. You Can Extend Your Brand Awareness And Visibility To Multilingual Customers.

The main goal of the internet is to connect people all over the world, and marketers should take advantage of this. In the past years, the digital marketing industry served as a platform for the success of start-ups and small businesses.

But, how can you connect with other nations and cultures if you can’t speak their language?

The best solution would be to utilize a multilingual inbound marketing strategy to extend your reach and build broader brand awareness.

By creating informative content in different languages that align with the buyer’s journey, you can reach more audiences looking for products and solutions to their problems through the internet.

If you’re not visible enough or you don’t offer the content they’re looking for, the chances of getting more customers and sales would be rare.

Moreover, if your readers like your content, they’ll likely share it on social media hence, more exposure and brand awareness for your company. For Melbourne companies, it’s important to get a foot in the door through extensive brand awareness. That’s why translation services in Melbourne could boost your inbound marketing.

1. It Is Excellent For B2B Marketing.

If you own a Melbourne B2B or business-to-business company, then inbound marketing is just the right strategy for you.

With their experience in the business world, they already know that they need extensive buying research before actually buying the products or services they need.

So, your best strategy would be to create helpful articles, videos, or info graphics for the topics that your prospects would search for. It would also be best to know your target customers’ platforms when searching, such as Google, Youtube, or LinkedIn.

Just make sure that your contents are high-quality and free of errors to create an excellent impression for your brand. Make sure also that your content is aligned with local Melbourne content or the local content that you’re geotargeting.

1. People Prefer It Over Outbound Marketing.

Outbound marketing is a thing before, but marketers prove that it is not actually as effective as expected. This is because customers want to have the freedom to choose how they wish to avail

of products and services. They don’t like being interrupted by calls, emails, or ads that push them to buy.

Today, customers prefer to search and consume the information they need on their terms instead of feeling forced. Thus, improving your Melbourne business’ inbound strategy would be the best thing that you could do.

If you think that this means not advertising your products or services, you’re mistaken. You can still subtly endorse your brand through your content and make your claims even more reliable than traditional advertisements.

1. It Helps In Generating More Traffic.

All of the things above are great, but how does multilingual inbound marketing generate sales?

The truth is inbound is not actually directly generating sales. What it does is build a better relationship with your target audiences that eventually leads to sales.

As you provide your audiences with quality content, you drive more traffic and leads to your websites. Marketers keep on posting new ones to build a reliable and stable connection with your leads slowly.

Then, they look for intelligent ways to create a call to action, landing pages, and offers that will affect their buying decision and increase your conversions.

It is even better when you provide your target audiences with different web pages for various languages. By equipping your Melbourne inbound marketing with an international SEO strategy, you can increase your traffic and rank in other languages.


Inbound marketing is a powerful strategy in the digital market, but it is even more effective when you target multilingual, especially if your business is in Melbourne. With a large number of non-English speakers in the city, 1,447,479 people, to be exact (according to the Australian census), it would be a waste not to include them in your marketing plans.

By getting reliable translation services in Melbourne and utilizing a great marketing plan, you’ll surely enjoy all the benefits that most over performing companies are getting. After all, this digital age is giving equal opportunities for all companies to excel in their industry.