How to Design a Criminal Defense Website?

What Do We Understand by a Criminal Defense Website?

As the name suggests, a criminal defense website serves as the online place where a person can find a particular attorney for their case and avail of their services. In other words, it is an internet site or webpage where a person can seek the help and guidance of a lawyer. Generally, the latter specializes in and can handle criminal defense cases.

A criminal defense website helps increase an attorney’s reach. Additionally, it makes them effortless to find and reach. It helps significantly when an individual requires immediate support and guidance. Overall, a criminal defense website works to create a platform that attracts various people seeking a lawyer and converts these site visitors into potential or prospective clients.

A criminal defense website of a company or agency typically displays the different and distinct cases and scenarios its lawyers can deal with and handle. It addresses the often delicate and stressful situations a person may be going through. On top of that, the content on the website ensures the visitors that they can help them get through their circumstances in the best way possible. Conventionally, the assurance gets conveyed via influential and convincing texts and designs. It allows for the creation of a mighty web presence.

This approach also helps showcase the agency, company, or individual attorney’s competence and expertise.

What are the Ways to Create a Criminal Defense Website?

A criminal defense website, directly or indirectly, influences and controls an attorney’s outreach, popularity, and reputation. The lawyer may belong to an organization or work individually without remaining affiliated with some agency or company.

Irrespective of the association, a criminal defense website helps an attorney get more clients and increase their fame. For that reason, they need to pay careful attention to this aspect. In other words, they must create or design a criminal defense website that looks and is user-friendly and accepting. Additionally, it should have all the qualities and features of a decent site. It entails mobile responsiveness, usability on various devices, smooth navigation, easy-to-understand controls, etc.

Overall, a person can create a criminal defense website themselves or employ a professional web developer. Each option has its merits and demerits. The former is possible through tools like LawLytics, JurisPage, or WordPress. It can get done at a minimal cost. On top of that, it can get streamlined or personalized according to the lawyer’s needs and preferences. Such an approach proves beneficial in cases where an attorney or organization does not wish to share their details with others. However, the development or design process through DIY would require prior knowledge of how to handle and use the tools. Nevertheless, the outcome may not appear professional and instead have some platform issues.

On the other hand, professional web developers can make the criminal defense website look comprehensive, unique, and qualified. Although it may cost comparatively more, it comes with regular maintenance and digital support for flawless operation. It prevents the site from crashing or ceasing online functions. On top of that, the web developers customize the website to match the requirements and preferences of their clients. Sometimes, they also give their input to make the site better.

What are the Various Essential Components of a Criminal Defense Website?

A criminal defense website can have various sections and components. Nevertheless, a few are exceedingly essential and a must-have. They make the site complete and decent. A few of these components consist of the following:


Content is something that can attract an individual at first glance. It can be in the textual or pictorial format. For that reason, the content on a criminal defense website should be appealing, encouraging, and enticing. It should speak about or express the unique and precise needs of the visitors. Additionally, it should showcase the attorney or agency’s expertise.

It does not imply that the content should continue pages after pages. Instead, it should be lucid and comprehensive. Furthermore, it should be search engine optimized and focused on the marketing strategy aspects. Since the website offers the help of criminal defense attorneys, it should talk about the various cases it can handle. It can encompass burglaries, homicides, felonies, sex offenses, drug-related misdemeanors, and white-collar corruption.

Generally, the content remains personalized for the company’s website. Thus, it can have specific pages for contact, about us, fees, blog, and testimonials. The textual content should remain present in more than one language. It helps target a broad range and category of clients. On the other hand, the pictures added to the criminal defense website should be appropriate. They should not make the site less responsive or slow.

Call Feature

Several people feel assured and pleased after they talk with their attorney. Thus, the calling feature should remain available on a criminal defense website. It allows the clients to click on the button, input their phone number, and get a call connected to the company or agency that manages the site.

The client can discuss their issues with the appointed person over the call. In most cases, it allows for a prompt resolution of the problem. In other instances, it helps schedule consultation sessions with professional criminal defense attorneys.

Consultation Request

Some people may feel uncomfortable speaking with a stranger over the phone. In such scenarios, they may try to schedule a consultation with the attorney directly through the website and not through a middle man. Conversely, some individuals may aim to do so through a call but after office hours. However, it becomes arduous for an organization to appoint a person to receive the calls 24/7.

The consultation request options become handy here. It allows the client to schedule a session with the attorney. On the other hand, it ensures that the agency does not lose any leads and customers. Once the request gets submitted with all relevant details, it reaches the company’s official mail. The staff can review it later to decide on a date and revert to the client.