How to Reach New Audiences Using Social Media?

In recent years, the usage of social media has been tremendously increasing, with more people being active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms.   

According to the study, on average people are spending 136 minutes each day on these social networking sites. Thus, it would be best if you promote your business services or products on social media channels.   

As one of the best digital strategies, i.e., social media will not only help you reach new audiences but also improves your company’s online presence. However, for more clarity on how using social media, businesses can achieve new audiences, below are the tips to consider. 

Tips to Grow Your Audience Implementing Social Media Strategies

Develop a social media strategy

Without proper planning and strategy, you will fall into the trap of aimlessly sharing post on social platforms and random engagement. Therefore, developing a social media strategy becomes essential. While deciding on creating an effective social media strategy, there are some things to keep in mind. There are like which social platform to choose or the timing for sharing the content.   

A strong strategy will help you build a brand image and foster financial gains of a business. Here the overall goal is to attract targeted audience towards your social channels. That’s because with the maximum number of customers interacting on social platforms, the chances of achieving business success goals increases. But, how to identify your target audience? 
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Determine the target audience

To identify your target audiences, first, ask yourself some questions regarding the age group of the audience, their average income, and so on. Having answers to these kinds of questions will help you picture your target customers. It is essential to have a unique audience and demographic industry.   

For determining your target customers, it is vital to know how demographics work on different social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. For example, Facebook has 1.47 billion active users daily. Here if you know where is your core audience located, then it becomes easy for you to take advantage of it. 

Set social media goals

Once you have identified your target audience based on location or interest, now it’s time to set up the social media goals, having goals for increasing audience base through social media is the great way to stay on top of your competitors. Have a plan to generate traffic, leads, and sales for your business from social. 

  However, one thing to remember is to build relationships with your audience. Having a long-term relationship with customers help you generate more sales for your business. Also, you have to be aware of your competitive brands and their activities. Keeping an eye can take you one step close to reaching new audiences.   

Create an engaging content plan

No goals or strategies will work until you provide customers with what they need. That means creating content that people are searching online will convince them to follow your business on your social media platforms. Hence, creating an engaging content plan is essential. It includes the planning of what type of creating content suitable for all your social channels.   

Creating attention-grabbing content will excite users to share it with others. However, content with maximum shares will give exposure to your business in front of your targeted audiences. As per the study, users share content which is less promotional and more personal or educative. Therefore, keep in mind to create content beyond product selling, and that is useful for customers

Share visual content on social platforms

Creating and sharing content, i.e., blogs or articles, is not enough to gain customers attention towards your business. Sharing visual photos related to your business product or services is also an essential part of getting new audiences. Through this, users can communicate and share their interest or ideas on your social channel.   

Customers will engage in your post if it is attractive and unique. For example, Twitter allows image posts on users’ timeline. As a result, tweets with images receive 18% of clicks compared to only text content. Thus, if you share visual content on your social platform, then the chances of users interacting will increase. 

Optimise social efforts for mobile   

Setting social media goals, planning for content or sharing a visual post is incomplete if your social channels are not effective on mobile devices. That’s because nowadays people are very much engaged with their mobile devices and optimising your social efforts for mobile will help you gain much more new customers for your business.   

Optimising for mobile means all your social media posts or profile will look perfect and easy to share on portable devices such as iPads and mobile phones. According to the recent survey, usage of the Internet via mobile phones has increased by 60%. From this statistic, you can understand the importance of optimising your social profiles for mobile. 

Host giveaways and contests

One of the smart ways to get new audiences through social media is hosting contests or giveaways on various social platforms. For example, if you are in the makeup business, then you can promote a contest saying share a photo of your best makeup look and tag our brand name on it. One lucky user will get a chance to win a prize or 50% off coupon.   

Running a contest is the best way you can increase your brand exposure by encouraging users to like, share, & comment on your post. Additionally, new users will take an interest in your brand as everybody desires to get a gift. The possibility of converting a user to your customers will also increase.  


If you want to transfer your small business venture into large businesses, then it is vital to have a digital marketing strategy for getting new customers every day. One of the best and effective method is advertising through social media. It helps you gain maximum new audiences for your business while enhancing brand image. Consider all of the above tips on social media marketing as it enables you to reach new customers.