SEO Reporting To Impress: How To Successfully Report Your SEO Process, Efforts, And Result

SEO Reporting To Impress client

Reporting is a challenging yet crucial task of digital marketing packages that several decision-makers rely on to understand and analyze the success of your SEO processes. When building these reports, understanding how much information to include is crucial.

Today, everyone skims through the details. Thus, an ideal report should have data that offers enough insight while not flooding with excessive information. To impress your clients and generate a comprehensive report, we will go over SEO reporting, what it includes, and steps to get valuable results.

An Overview Of SEO Reporting

The possibility to gain insights leads to clients demanding visible outcomes. Several individuals put a lot of money into digital marketing. They also want to understand whether this investment is fruitful. SEO reporting partakes in this process and helps track your site’s search engine optimization performance.

Analyzing data and multiple metrics through SEO reports can check which efforts generate the most desirable results. Through these reports, you may identify growth opportunities. A good SEO report comprises an overview and essential metrics and defines opportunities for further development.

A successful SEO report will aid in conveying to clients the progress and rewards brought by their investment. This medium will help demonstrate how SEO efforts impact website performance. Your client will be able to see the site’s performance level and the reasons behind the performance.

Every SEO report must focus on specific requirements with digestible and well-organized information. The highlighted information should have an objective.

Client Expectations From SEO Reporting

A digital marketing company will stay on track during the SEO report compilation with the main imperative aim. They ensure the clients get precise information. Apart from the details, clients should also get the main headlines.

The story should explain the changes your efforts brought to the online visibility of your client’s website. It will help relay your focus and moves for the upcoming months. Since your client cares

more about the goals, the best report should share the achievements to increase their confidence, especially when they are new to this.

The best structure for an SEO report comprises the current performance and new developments, fruitful efforts, and upcoming steps. Further, there are essential metrics to not miss out on, including:

Analytics Metrics: Numbers help create genuine illustrations for your clients. Any SEO or digital marketing report is incomplete without factual figures. Metrics help record all the developments in the website’s performance. These metrics are essential to showcase the whole process and the timeline.

To demonstrate the complete progress and trends, employ an analysis tool to enable the client to track the time and strategies with the most successful outcomes. Some of the key metrics include bounce rates, conversion rate, weekly, monthly, or yearly growth profile, average user time per page, and organic visits.

Keyword Ranking: Every successful SEO strategy has well-established and reliable keyword rankings. Although these are essential for traffic growth, it is more of a valuable channel than the ultimate destination.

However, clients expect their digital marketing packages to include these metrics in their reports. You may add information on some variations, especially when the SEO campaign is still in its initial phase. When traffic sees no visible growth, keyword rankings are a good indicator.

These include the latest organic keyword, highest ranking keywords, non-branded keywords, branded keywords, and highest organic web pages

SEO Report Sections You Must Include

When creating SEO reports, you may have to deal with massive data. But you do not want your clients to get lost in enormous data. Therefore, it is best to exhibit data that is easy to understand and not overwhelming.

Before delivering your report, ensure it is succinct, has organized sections, and is attractive to view. Some of the parts that your SEO report must include are as follows:

Overview: It is similar to TOC or table of contents. The overview informs the client about what they can expect in the following SEO report. Hence, it may be an executive summary. Your client can know about the report given your brief on vital points.

Clients who have little or lack any knowledge regarding SEO can use an overview to steer through the vast sea of information.

Key Performance Indicators: One of the richest and weightiest section reports is KPIs or key performance indicators. These indicators highlight the growth in reaching the said goals. You can scale these metrics based on objectives to gauge your progress or realize the aspects that need improvement and the right direction.

A few known search engine optimization KPIs comprise conversion rate, keyword ranking, organic website traffic, click-through rate, and link building. Additionally, eliminate futile metrics for SEO that do not relate to an increase in revenue.

Possibilities: As a digital marketing company, add a final section that will discuss the outcomes your efforts have led to and shows the next step you will be taking. All this information is of no use if there are no insights. All the data will be impactless on the revenue if it does not serve the purpose of building a strategy. You can use this option to inform your clients.

How To Achieve The Best Outcomes?

SEO reporting aims to organize consequential details that highlight the outcome of your efforts. Let us look at the steps you must follow for the best results.

Page Optimization: Page optimization plays a good role in assessing the performance of a web page for target keywords. Your SEO report can showcase this section to show your improvements and the increase in rankings for the web pages. It will offer the chance to determine areas where you made progress for your client.

Backlinks: Another step to incorporate if your client’s objectives allow is to showcase the positive impact due to your efforts. Since backlinks are more about quality than quantity, you can clarify the high-quality link you seek.

Fresh Content: You can highlight the well-thought-out, search engine optimized, and value-driven content, believing inbound marketing as your technique. Based on your client’s details, you can add a brief funnel illustration to educate them about how the approach can result in a high lead conversion rate.

Fix Technical Problems: Consumers abandon a slow-loading site in mere seconds. You can define the importance of faster websites and your efforts in improving performance.


Insights are essential to making better decisions for the website and ensuring your SEO efforts are successful. By recording and reporting the SEO data, you can ensure your client’s website ranks higher and delivers desirable results. An ideal SEO report will have an overview, KPIs, and opportunities.