Why Shopify is One of the Best Online Store Builders?

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If you are ready to start an eCommerce store or move your business online, then the first question arises in mind, which platform to choose for the store? In this scenario every businessman confused to choose the perfect store builder for their online store.

There are many options like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. According to their requirements, they choose the right store builder, but there are some common things everybody should look for, which platform is friendly to SEO? Which platform provides better scalability? Etc.

Among the available eCommerce platforms Shopify is the most capable to run a successful store. According to a statistic of websitebuilder.org in 2020 over 44 Million customers purchased from Shopify merchants. This article illustrates the main reasons why Shopify is one of the best online store builders.

1. Hassle-free Set up

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy to set up your Shopify store. Just check out their video tutorial regarding designing your store. It will take a couple of hours to set up an eye-catching store. This is possible because their admin interface is so simple to drag and drop different elements and many useful templates are available to fulfil your needs. Another thing that makes the set-up hassle free is Shopify Theme.

There is a total of 74 themes in Shopify. Among them, 10 are free and the other 64 are paid. Though the number sounds small, it is enough to fulfil your requirements. All the themes are great looking and flexible. Some benefits of Shopify themes:

  • All the themes are fast and SEO friendly.
  • Mobile responsiveness is excellent.
  • Only one time payment, after that all updates are free.
  • It Supports drop down navigation.
  • Some themes support multiple languages.
  • All the sections on the front page are customizable.
  • You can get free stock photos provided by Burst.

The only drawback is the paid themes are a bit costly. Starts from $140 to $180. So if you are willing to buy a premium theme, do proper research before buying it.

2. Powerful Shopify Sales Features

This is one of the strong reasons why you should use Shopify. Hundreds of powerful tools enable Shopify to handle different things like Shipping, Payment, Product management, dropshipping,tax calculation, email marketing, etc. There are more than 1300 apps in the Shopify store.

Shipping and Dropshipping:-

In Shopify advance plans, there are features to calculate the charge of shipping according to the shipping location, product weight, etc. Being the partner of the big shipping companies like UPS, DHL Shopify provides users a hassle free shipping. It also allows dropshipping. For that you need to install apps like Oberlo, AliExpress. Using Oberlo you can detect the products which can be sold on Shopify.

Abandon Cart Recovery:-

Another great feature of Shopify that will amaze you is abandoned cart recovery. It is a built-in feature in Shopify. You don’t need to install other apps in this purpose. You can offer special discount by sending emails automatically by using this feature. That induced customer to return to the cart again and complete the purchase.

Managing Products:-

To display your products in different formats like product attributes, different pricing for different sizes, color variations you can install different tools. Shopify product management tools enable you to create a catchy product page.

Payment Gateways:-

It supports more than 100 payment gateways and different currencies like Australian Dollar, United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound, etc. Also it has its own payment gateway Shopify Payments. You will not be charged per transaction if you use Shopify Payments as your payment gateway. The only drawback for the other payment gateways is the charges per transaction.

Email Marketing:-

To run a successful email campaign to your Shopify store the best option is to install tools like Seguno, Constant Contact. Reaching out to your prospective customer is really easy if you can use these tools properly.


One of the most difficult things is to maintain the tax calculation. The good news is that Shopify has an in- built tax calculator. Without any hassle you can calculate the tax for Shipping, Selling. But you must keep your eye when filling your own taxes.

3. It helps your business to rank in SERP

To search for products and make a shopping decision, 85% of people use Google. Thus, you might want to improve your Google visibility and ranking so that the quantity and quality of the website traffic increase and the digital presence of your website improves.

Shopify is an SEO-friendly platform for eCommerce site-building that provides several user-friendly features for online stores. As the eCommerce business is costly, becoming an SEO-friendly platform helps to manage the cost effectiveness of the campaigns. Like other platforms Shopify provides several basic features such as –

Meta Title: Shopify platform allows you to edit the title tag for pages, products, and collections.

Meta Description: In order to display the custom meta description, Shopify allows you to change the meta description of your content.

Headings: The Shopify platform makes your page suitable for white label SEO through the structure of using headings and subheadings.

Image Alt Text: Through Alt text, you can describe the relevance of the images for the content on your website.

Custom URLs: Shopify helps you to make the URLs in a way so that it reflects the contents.

Other Shopify Features that helps SEO 

Shopify is Mobile Friendly:

To improve the online shopping experience of mobile users, Shopify provides the optimization feature of Shopify stores for mobile SEO. In order to boost the ranking of your site, Shopify helps the search engines to detect mobile sites and operate proper indexing and ranking. Therefore, the benefits that you will have are –

  • i) More people will find your site in SERP within no time.
  • ii) You will have more opportunities to sell.

iii)Conversion rates and sales will be increased.

Measurement of the Performance:

When you are investing time and effort on your business, without the reporting tools you can’t measure the return on investment. Shopify has a built-in reporting tool to provide the performance of your products. If you want, you can integrate Google Analytics to view metrics and data of your site on the Shopify platform. Therefore, you can understand your website’s performance in the search results.

Shopify provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data. Through Shopify, you will be able to understand the complete explanation of the results. On the basis of the results, you can also make smart decisions. Also you can seek assistance from a Shopify SEO agency to finalize the strategies you want to implement on your website.

Social Media Integration: 

Social media helps you to share the web content with the customers. Shopify integrates social media through fitted social media buttons that are available on Shopify themes. Therefore, to make your products shareable and get direct traffic from social channels you can use Social media websites. Also, social performance has a direct impact on ranking your website in SERP.

4. Better Support and Security

In order to prevent malware and protect your site from data loss, Shopify enhances your web security through full-proof cyber security protocols. Unlike other platforms you don’t need to take the responsibility regarding the site security. They will take care of all the things regarding security like a threat against hacking, malware injection, updates of themes and tools.

All the Shopify plans include SSL security. Between a web server and a browser, an encrypted and secure link is established through SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. As Shopify stores use SSL encryption, all the transactions will be safe and secure. When the security of your site improves, it will gain the trust of Google that helps to increase the search engine ranking of your site.

Another good thing is that Shopify maintains a regular backup of your website. If something happens to your site. You can use those backups for further installation.


In this purpose Shopify surpassed all other platforms. Their support team will help you in every step of setting up your store and the issues regarding selling. You can seek assistance from their 24 hours live chat, phone call, email support and there are many blogs and videos on their site to solve your problems.


In order to develop an online store or eCommerce business, Shopify can be your first choice. The Shopify platform takes care of everything about your website and it helps to improve search engine ranking. As a result, you will witness an improvement in sales. Thus, Shopify is quite helpful to fulfill the short-term and long-term goals of your eCommerce business.

Still, you should study on other platforms before finalizing the platform. Because there are other platforms that can be suitable for your business type.

For instance, you are willing to set up a small product or service website. In the beginning Shopify plans and themes can be costly. For this purpose, platforms like WooCommerce can be suitable for your business. Setting up your store on WooCommerce will be less costly than Shopify.

As a startup nobody wants a big investment in the beginning. Once your business grows you can move to Shopify and automate the maximum efforts. There are other good platforms you may take a look atlike Wix, Magento, BigCommerce.