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Attaché ERP Integration

Do you use Attaché ERP to run your e-commerce business? Do you want to make your e-commerce business more efficient and scalable by integrating the ERP with your webstore?

E-Commerce Through Attaché ERP Integration

Adaptify offers Attaché ERP integration solutions for various webstores. With the integration, you can ensure the consistency of data across systems and optimise various departments such as payroll, operations, and finance. Importantly, the integration can ensure real-time visibility of data and information across the entire business.

With the option to run it in the server or on the cloud, Attaché becomes a user-friendly solution based on e-commerce needs.

Attache Integration

Attaché ERP Integration Key Features

A number of advanced features make the Adaptify Attaché ERP integration a great solution for your needs:
  • The bi-directional flow of data and information between the ERP and the webstore helps businesses to offer unified solutions to customers and avoid duplicate entry of data.
  • The integration system has an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard for tracking inventory details, order statuses, finance details, sales trends, and more. It helps businesses to have better control over their e-commerce operation with excellent scalability.
  • The integration makes your business overall efficient with accurate data across systems, eliminating repetitive data entry, and tracking key data for insights on customer behaviour.
  • The custom options such as quote module, customer permissions, advanced shipping choices, and automatic stock notification can take customer experience to the next level
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