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Attaché Custom Integration

Attaché is an advanced accounting and payroll software specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. By combining artificial intelligence and robotics, the software automates most complex transactions through XML programmable instruction sets.
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Why Attaché Integration?

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The Attaché integration with your website gives you accurate data across your e-commerce ecosystem all the time. It also gives you several features and add-on options to improve your in every angle.
  • Various customer permission options
  • Advanced shipping options
  • Customer preferred product lists
  • Sales intelligence to streamline business performance
  • Quick, easy integration with various CRMs and other tools
  • Marketing data consolidation for tailored campaigns
  • Omnichannel capabilities with multi-store and multi-warehouse options
At Adaptify, we are experts in Attaché integration with several years of expertise and working with various e-commerce platforms. With Attaché APIs, connectors, and plugins, we can provide custom integration based on your specific business requirements. This helps you to get tailored features and add-ons that will give you greater control of your business.

Attaché Magento Integration

We can integrate your Magento website with the accounting software to help you to have complete control of your data and business. Our Magento experts will sync your inventory, accounting, order management system, and customer data through the bi-directional flow between both the systems. Our experts can also develop unique features through custom Attaché plugins and connectors to help you minimise the manual entry of information.

We will create a custom integration strategy by working with you, understanding your needs, and analysing your challenges.
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Attaché Shopify Integration

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With Attaché Shopify Integration, you get your orders, customer details, products, financial data, and pricing in Shopify store are synced with the accounting software and vice versa. Our experts will also help you to develop custom features for your ecosystem to automate most of your business processes. Our experts design integration plan by knowing your needs and challenges, it will reflect in your work process by improving the efficiency.

With the custom Attaché integration, you say goodbye to switching between tasks, transfer of data manually, potential errors in data transfer, decreased workforce morale, and more.

Attaché WooCommerce Integration

If you use Attaché and plan to set up a WooCommerce online store or you have a WooCommerce website and want seamless connectivity with Attaché, Adaptify can help you. Our team of experts will develop an integration plan based on your specific needs and challenges.

Our service will ensure bi-direction syncing of product, customer, and financial details of your business between Attaché and WooCommerce in real-time. With custom APIs, connectors, and plugins, we will make your business processes more advanced and efficient.
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E-Commerce Through Attaché ERP Integration

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Adaptify offers Attaché ERP integration solutions for various web stores. With the integration, you can ensure the consistency of data across systems and optimise various departments such as payroll, operations, and finance. Importantly, the integration can ensure real-time visibility of data and information across the entire business.

With the option to run it in the server or on the cloud, Attaché becomes a user-friendly solution based on e-commerce needs.

Attaché ERP Integration Key Features

A number of advanced features make the Adaptify Attaché ERP integration a great solution for your needs:
  • The bi-directional flow of data and information between the ERP and the web store helps businesses to offer unified solutions to customers and avoid duplicate entry of data.
  • The integration system has an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard for tracking inventory details, order statuses, finance details, sales trends, and more. It helps businesses to have better control over their e-commerce operation with excellent scalability.
  • The integration makes your business overall efficient with accurate data across systems, eliminating repetitive data entry, and tracking key data for insights on customer behaviour.
  • The custom options such as quote module, customer permissions, advanced shipping choices, and automatic stock notification can take customer experience to the next level

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