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About Advance

With exceptional customer service and after-sales support, Advance Heating and Cooling has been a proud recipient of several industry accolades over the past three decades. Their core focus is to provide great customer service and effective climate control by providing end-to-end solutions.

They have the expertise and capacity to efficiently handle all stages of air conditioning installation in Melbourne from ordering the products to commissioning the system.

Collaboration with Adaptify

Despite being a very reputed family run Australian owned enterprise, their online presence required an overhaul. That’s where they decided that Adaptify was the partner they needed to really outrank the competition and bring in local traffic in a competitive market.


Businesses today function in very dynamic environments where potential customers are constantly on the lookout for services. However, they aren’t willing to dig too deep; they want information quickly and with the least amount of effort.

But what happens if your website isn’t ranking well? Or perhaps the information provided on the website isn’t up to date? Or even worse, what if people who want your service within your serviceable area are unable to see your local business listing?


These are some of the problems Advance Heating and Cooling were facing when they came on board with us.  

Advance was seeking more leads online through Search Engine Optimisation and local area marketing. Further they wanted to highlight their maintenance and repair capabilities.


Since Advance Heating and Cooling were looking for customers who were based out of Melbourne it made sense logistically that our first step for this account was to optimise their local business listing. By constantly optimising, tweaking and updating this listing, we were able to come to a point where several leads were coming in from this often overlooked asset.


Obviously, with local businesses like this one, it is integral that we optimise for commercial keywords and hyper localised keywords that can bring in qualified traffic. This is where our SEO specialists really created some magic by picking and choosing the right type of keywords to drive results.


Additionally, a business like theirs where there is a tremendous amount of seasonality of leads, it became our primary task to strengthen their social media to ensure that this problem was resolved to a very large extent.


Advance Heating and Cooling are busier than ever before! With traffic doubling year on year and phone calls up by an incredible 50%, Adaptify has helped transform another Australian business and make sure they reach their full potential.