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Barclay Thomas Forklift Training

Barclay Thomas are the leading Forklift Training experts in Brisbane. With more than a decade of experience as a government approved training organisation, they take forklift safety very seriously. Offering flexible, simple and cost-effective solutions, they are making Brisbane work sites an accident free zone; one worksite at a time.

Collaboration with Adaptify

While the training Barclay Thomas provide is top notch, they were struggling to make their website a lead generating hub. Despite ranking for several keywords, the quality and quantum of leads being generated from them just weren’t enough. After burning their fingers on SEO one too many times, they were almost ready to give it up as a lost cause.

By collaborating with Adaptify, they were looking to generate quality leads from the internet organically so that they could concentrate on improving their core service.

With Adaptify, their position was simple looking to generate quality leads organically online.


Barclay Thomas Training was already ranking extremely well for several keywords, but their quality wasn’t all that great and didn’t display commercial intent. Therefore, these stellar rankings were unable to translate into a stellar number of leads, even though they provided an amazing service.


We realised that by making them rank for the right search queries, we’d be able to not only hit the goals set but surpass them.

Local Area Marketing for Barclay Thomas Resized


Since Barclay Thomas Forklift Training first wanted to focus on local business opportunities the first order of business was to optimise their local search listings. By increasing the eyeballs grabbed in this area we were able to bring in several local organic leads through some clever optimisation.


Although Barclay Thomas was able to rank well, they couldn’t bring in qualified traffic and the best way to rectify that was to begin ranking for commercial keywords. These are keywords entered by people with a clear intent to purchase the product/service, which in this case, was forklift training. By conducting thorough keyword research, we were able to zero in on the keywords that could not only be seen by the most people,  but also the ones that mattered.


Comparing just six months of data, we were able to double the traffic to the website, and more than double the impressions garnered on Google Search listings.

The best metric of them all? We were able to increase conversions by a whooping 65%! These results prove exactly how dominating SEO can bring in qualified traffic who can translate to lifelong customers.


To top it all, Adaptify also optimised the local listings of Barclay Thomas to bring in even more qualified leads from searchers within Brisbane.

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