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About Coffex

Coffex Coffee Roasters are known for the quality of their coffee. Whether it is at home, the café or in the office they provide excellent single origin and mixed blends sourced from around the world.

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Collaboration with Adaptify

The team at Adaptify is proud to work in partnership with the coffee roasters who have defined the Australian coffee palette since 1959. Together, we have created a strong online presence through comprehensive website development and content strategy.


Through initial consultation and assessment, it became clear that because of the quality of the product and word of mouth referral, Coffex Coffee Roaster already had a very strong brand presence. We did note that, lesser brands were succeeding them in online sales through Search Engine Optimised content and more comprehensive websites.



The approach was to better diversify the services through the website sitemap and incorporate SEO content with user journey in mind. We also focused on mobile responsive design and a significant increase in call to actions, that engage the user at the end of their experience to minimise abandonment.

Furthermore, a content strategy was implemented creating long form blog articles addressing coffee culture.


These digital marketing solutions reduced B2C and B2B crossover. The two demographics could interact in two separate user journeys to find their needs online. 

With a brand like Coffex, we tried to further prioritise based on geographic targeting. In Melbourne alone, we were able to lock in an increase of 16.78% in traffic.

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