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Driving Your Way To Success

Krystal Limousines is dedicated to delivering safety, service and sophistication in equal measure to ensure a luxury transportation experience that is unmatched. Every package is tailored to the unique requirements of each customer, but Krystal ensures the royal treatment for everyone with a roll out red carpet and champagne for all patrons.

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Collaboration with Adaptify

Krystal Limousines already had a very strong brand in Melbourne and Geelong. The Krystal team brought in Adaptify to increase the number of leads per month. 


While their website was able to bring in several clients, there was still a tremendous flow of leads that they were missing out on. When we began the project, the Krystal Limousines’ website wasn’t mobile responsive. In an industry where most users were using mobiles to make bookings, this isn’t just ideal, it’s necessary.


Additionally, Krystal Limousines wasn’t ranking that well on search engines, and competitors were ranking much higher.

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Most potential clients looking to book limos for personal or company engagements prefer using their mobiles to do it. We began making their website mobile responsive, to ensure that no leads were being put off by the design issues that they might be facing while viewing the website on their mobiles.

Krystal Limousines was already full to the brim with content that was very helpful to users, but it lacked basic SEO. Adaptify started by creating a phase by phase SEO plan that began with basic on-page SEO and went on to more complex strategies that gleaned extremely quick results.


Krystal Limousines was facing a very high bounce rate because users were trying to book through their mobiles and were facing the most basic UX issues. Once we made the website mobile responsive, we were able to bring down the bounce rate on mobiles by a whopping 97.49%.

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