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About Laksa King

Laksa King & Laksa King Kitchen are a Melbourne-based Asian-Fusion food chain with restaurants in Flemington, Glen Waverley and Southland. Their house favourite, laksa, has been served since 1998 and the restaurant chain keeps growing year on year.

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Collaboration with Adaptify

The team at Adaptify is proud to collaborate with Laksa King, a brand behind delicious food, authentic taste and excellent service. Together we created a thorough content strategy to fuel their online presence of existing restaurants and one recently opened in 2018. 



With thorough market research and visits to Laksa King branches, it was clear that their is already a loyal customer base and lots of positive online reviews. However, their challenge was to attract new people to try their foods and get more food traffic into their restaurants. Locations have different menus and the demographics vary too and the existing online presence was outdated. On Social media, their message wasn’t clear, which was key when identifying it as their primary channel of marketing each restaurant. 

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Creating a comprehensive content and branding strategy for each individual restaurant we established and increased social media for local area marketing. Arranging original photography and video production shoots for each location to capitalise on what made each restaurant unique. Able to showcase quality food, introduce staff and show around the restaurant, the social media strategy evolved. 


With the help of Adaptify, Laksa King has over 3000 page likes to their Facebook pages, each of them with a strong following in their local area. In three months Laksa King has seen more foot traffic, higher social media engagement and an impressive  350,000 impressions across all social channels including 62,000 video views.

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