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Metal Form - Digital Transformation

Metal Form Group are experienced pattern makers who’ve worked with plastic molding, aluminum machining and metal forming industries for over three decades. They service a variety of industries including automotive, packaging, electronics, white goods and composite manufacturers.


They use the most advanced CAD/CAM design and digital 3D scanning facilities to provide an efficient product design and development service.


As masters of their niche they understand precisely what the market is looking for and where they can add value.

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Collaboration with Adaptify

While Metal Form has decades of experience in the manufacturing sector and has a strong presence in the market, they were not getting the type of traction that they were expecting from their website. Despite having all information required for potential customers, it was not structured in such a way that made it easy for customers to find what they were looking for.

By collaborating with Adaptify, they were looking to keep their functional approach to website design and content while incorporating SEO friendly practices.

We were able to identify their needs and create a strategy that helped to revamp the look and content of their website while keeping it extremely functional and business-like.


On conducting the first website audit it became clear to Adaptify consultants that while the Metal Form website was bare bones when it came to design, it was decidedly content rich. But due to minor issues like poor interlinking practices and lack of keyword optimisation it was facing a dearth in traffic.

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With a manufacturing website we realise that the core aspect to keep in mind is always function over form and we stayed true to those roots for Metal Form. We steered clear of any unnecessary tampering with the actual design of the website. But with poor session durations, it became clear that the User Experience was suffering.


Due to this we decided to adopt a clear interlinking strategy but on digging deeper we realised that the bounce rate was also on the higher side. Which lead us to our next order of business, pertinent keyword optimisation.


Additionally, we created content that could help users on their buyer journey which gleaned some stellar results. Since a lot of their services were limited to certain areas, we also focused on created Geo Targeted Pages to attract the right kind of customers.


Organic Traffic is the bread and butter of SEO. With Metal Form we were able to bring it up by 7.81% and also bring down the bounce rate by 4.52%.

But the statistic really stood out? We increased the average session duration by 236.67%!

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