Dental Care With a Fresh Touch

Parkmore Family Dental provides comprehensive dental services to people of all ages. To ensure optimal dental solutions, they personalise solutions for each individual based on their requirements, lifestyle, and goals.

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Collaboration with Adaptify

While Parkmore Dental had a very visually appealing central theme, they were looking to beef up their online presence.

By collaborating with Adaptify, they were looking to diversify their presence online and rank above a large number of Australian competitors in their region. In an industry like Dental, this can be a tough task.


While Parkmore Dental had all the required content up on their website, they were simply unable to draw in the right amount of traffic. Due to which, their offline advertising modes offered a much better return on investment. 

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Parkmore Dental severely lacked a user-friendly website, content mapping and search engine optimisation of their entire website. Our Adaptify Team aimed to improve all these points, creating an unbeatable user experience.


With a highly competitive niche like dentistry, we had to carefully choose our keywords and optimisation tactics to ensure that we were able to bring up numbers to a significant point.

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