Getting Creative

Sneddon and Kingston Packaging specialises in the design and manufacture of plastic packaging for food and chemical businesses in Australia. With over six decades of providing exceptional quality, SK Packaging draws from a strong foundation of experience and understands exactly what their customers need.

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Collaboration with Adaptify

While SK Packaging has decades of experience in the manufacturing sector and has a strong presence in the market, they were looking to take their website to the next level. Like most companies within the manufacturing sector, SK Packaging was running on auto-pilot with their current website. 
By collaborating with Adaptify, they were looking to revamp the look and feel of their online presence while not alienating the customer base who loved their functional approach to packaging.


While SK Packaging had done a great job on their website from a functional manufacturing perspective, It lacked the pizzazz to differentiate themselves from the competition, that’s where our digital marketing skills came into the picture.

We were looking to make the design of the website less cluttered and create some unique content that could make SK Packaging stand out from the other players in the market.

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As marketing consultants, it gets hard for us to rein in our creative horses. But for SK Packaging we realised that while they are a reputed manufacturing firm, they are far from staid. They had a unique approach to packaging that their current website content was unable to express. 

This unique approach is why we decided to prominently market their product concept creations, like prototyping of product packaging. By doing this, it allows producers to get a look and feel of the final product, and also test the usefulness of the packaging itself.


To really optimise for conversions and make the overall website more SEO friendly we also overhauled the design of the website. While doing so, we focused on ramping up the SEO practices of SK Packaging to ensure that our efforts aren’t in vain and we are grabbing the right eyeballs. 


With a niche like this, bringing up organic traffic is the toughest task. Thankfully, we can say that we rose to the occasion magnificently, by 68.76%.

Within a few short months with a successful website redesign and unique content, we were able to bring more people on the website and thereby increase conversions too.

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