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In today’s age of the internet, a lot of businesses are involved in selling products and services online. Those with an online business will agree that the toughest part of running a business on the internet is getting traffic to the website and converting them into sales.

What’s A Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel involves the use of multiple marketing actions that bring potential customers closer to making a buying decision. The marketing efforts can be in the form of automated emails, landing pages, articles, etc. In simple words, it’s the pathway website visitors take before making the final decision of buying your offering.

Building a sales funnel quickly to convert leads and grow your business is a dream for all online businesses. However, the trick to get there faster and in the right manner is by using a sales builder. A sales builder is a multipurpose tool that helps guide your target audiences to take steps from the starting stage of product awareness until the final stage of product purchase.

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We Trust ClickFunnels

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As a renowned digital marketing agency in Melbourne, Adaptify believes in using tools like ClickFunnels in integration with other high-performing tools to yield maximum benefits for our clients.

ClickFunnels is a reliable and effective website and sales funnel builder preferred by many marketers and entrepreneurs to build sales channels conveniently without coding. It allows complete automation of the sales process, thus giving the marketers or business owners the control of each stage of the buying journey. The tool permits the use of various funnel types like order forms, website hosting, shopping carts, etc. in just one tool.

ClickFunnels itself is a powerful sales tool. However, when our experts integrate it with other effective marketing tools, our clients get incredible results. ClickFunnels can be integrated with a host of applications including ActiveCampaign, Facebook, MailChimp, SalesForce, Ontraport, Sendlane, Twilio, etc.

Features of ClickFunnels

Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels offers 26 and more templates known to deliver a high conversion rate for all types of business. You can select the funnel type and gain access to free as well as paid databases. Before you add a funnel to your list, you can preview, test, and edit it.

Funnel Editor

On selecting a funnel, the tool directs you to an editor that shows all the pages on the side panel. By clicking on pages, you can make the required edit. The editor allows you to customise the chosen template, so you can design the page as per your campaign requirements. Moreover, it allows you to get creative by adding product images and an appealing call to action. The editor is simple to use as it employs drag and drop features.

Sales Analytics

ClickFunnels gives access to analytics tools, allowing easy monitoring of the landing page performance. With this feature, it becomes easy to know if the amount of time and money you have spent on the campaign is worth it or not. Also, depending on what you find, you can always make adjustments in your strategy.

What Do We Use ClickFunnels For?

ClickFunnels is useful in multiple ways. We use it to build landing pages, webinars, membership sits, squeeze pages, etc. for our clients. Moreover, with its highest Etison Suite package, we can begin an affiliate program on behalf of our clients that can help promote and sell their products online.


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Benefits of ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels allows for quick and easy setup of pages and workflow. It permits flexible edits and modifications at any time. Moreover, it has many templates available for creating various pages.

ClickFunnels provides marketers and business owners with the ability to create email marketing campaigns that help in lead follow-up and increase chances of conversion. It has a built-in tool known as Actionaetics that allows you to take complete control of all the activities from a single place. Also, ClickFunnels features marketing automation that permits personalisation of customer’s journey to gain maximum benefits. It lets you segment your target audience depending on their behaviour and preference and design different campaigns to attract and move each segment forward.

Clickfunnels allows linking of your sales pages to any of the preferred payment software, so you can run upsell and down sell offers when the buyers are active. This strategy helps increase the customer lifetime value. Moreover, with ClickFunnels, you can run A/B tests of your landing pages to track and improve their performances

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