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As over 50 million businesses use Facebook to engage with their audience, your company needs to have a comprehensive and effective strategy to get ahead of your competition generate sales. That’s where Adaptify comes in.

As a premium advertising agency, Adaptify has produced highly profitable results for our many clients across Australia who work in different industries. Our proven and carefully crafted tactics utilise Facebook ads, content management, and conversion optimisation to make your business profitable.

Adaptify’s social media team will help your business meet its goals. We can develop solutions to increase website traffic, brand awareness, conversions, and more to bring your target audience to you and encourage them to share your posts.

What Is Facebook Marketing?

The marketing process involves creating and managing a business’s Facebook page. The primary objective of this is for the business to maintain contact with its current customers while also attracting new ones to promote products and services. 

Adaptify strategists will upload various types of new content on a regular basis. This usually includes promotions, featured products, and much more. Our team will run an effective Facebook ad campaign that will target prospects based on their age, gender, location, interests, the posts and pages they have “liked”, and other factors.

Since a major facet of Facebook marketing is interacting with your customers, using social media will gives your business feel more human. By engaging with your customers with content, comments, and responses, your business will seem more appealing and trustworthy. 


How Facebook Marketing Can Transform Your Business

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Facebook allows businesses to communicate directly to their target market. Considering that 15 million Australians use Facebook, this platform opens up many opportunities for engagement. The amount of traffic that comes to your website can be significantly increased through a superb social media marketing campaign.

Our advertising agency can take care of your marketing efforts, such as responding to feedback from customers, promoting your latest products, and much more to enhance your presence on Facebook. We will also regularly send you reports on how your ads are performing.

Driving Sales Traffic To You

The team at our agency will utilise your business’s account to manage your ads and improve upon your existing engagements. We will develop, optimise, and monitor your ads that will drive and increase sales. 

To do this, we will form a carefully devised Ads campaigns that utilises premium targeting tools. Our campaign will increase engagement with your existing client base, as well as new customers, with ads that are relevant to their needs. This will give your company a massive ROI and a much lower cost-per-click rate.

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Analytics And Reporting

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Adaptify are a marketing agency in Melbourne that takes our tracking and data analytics work very seriously. We will modify and measure your campaigns based on our reports to assure that your business keeps continually growing.

Our marketing company will implement tactics that will ensure your campaign’s success:

  • Conversion optimisation
  • Look a like audiences
  • Remarketing
  • A/B testing

Audience And Competitor Research

As a results oriented marketing agency in Melbourne, Adaptify use innovative techniques and tools to conduct in-depth audience and competitor research. This process gives our Facebook marketing strategists an astute understanding of your buyers and what their needs are.

After attaining this information, we will enhance your business’s reach by targeting relevant content to people who are most likely to click, engage, and convert into real-time customers.

Expand Your Audience

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Adaptify’s primary goal in Facebook marketing is to help our clients find their ideal customers. We start by learning more about what demographic is searching for a service like yours, and also identify what their interests and behaviours are. In doing so, we will target them with persuasive messages that will drive valuable conversions rate for your business.

We develop advertising campaigns that puts the products and services you have to offer in front of users who have actively shown an interest in your company. Our tactics are also made to entice other Facebook users to convince them to click on one of your ads and make them a paying customer.

The analytics our team generates help them perfect our ad targeting work to ensure that we find more of the type of customers you are looking for at less cost for you.

FAQs On Facebook Marketing

Businesses who are looking for marketing services should expect the following:

Exceptional Performance: A legitimate marketing agency will show you the results they have generated since starting your campaign. They should also send you detailed reports on what they accomplished during the past day, week, or month. 

Full Transparency: It is crucial that you know how much money you will have to spend on the marketing services that an advertising agency is offering you. They should be upfront about their fees and clearly explain to you what the fees pertain to.

Stellar Reputation: Find out what people have written online about the agency you have been in contact with, and take note of how the agency responds to the feedback they receive. Positive reviews and testimonials indicate how reputable a marketing agency is.

Fast Responsiveness: An agency should promptly respond to any messages they receive from their clients. They should also regularly send reports and updates on your campaign’s performance.  

You should first plan your budget, goals, and what Facebook marketing services you will require. Read online reviews, testimonials, and case studies on the agency. You should also schedule a meeting with the agency to see if they are right for you.

While it is technically possible to advertise on Facebook yourself for free, organic advertising has a limited reach.This is why you should contact a company as they will help you make the most of your advertising budget.

Adaptify knows that every client has different needs, so we customise our services and pricing to help them achieve their goals within their means.

Having said that, you should think about how far you can take your budget rather than how much this service costs.With a precise advertising strategy in place, you can achieve extraordinary high ROI.

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