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Google Shopping – A Comprehensive Shopping Solution

The growing popularity of online shopping brings many retailers in the Ecommerce business. The more the competition, the difficult it becomes to sell your product. There are many business growth strategies that help grow Ecommerce businesses. However, the one strategy that is the most beneficial for expanding Ecommerce businesses in today’s time is Google Shopping.

What is Google Shopping?

When you look up for a particular product on Google, you can see conspicuous boxes displaying the image, price, and vendor of that product. These boxes appear on the top of the search results. Though it looks similar to an online store, Google Shopping is an advertising opportunity offered to the Ecommerce retailers by the search engine to make their product visible right on the top of the search engine list.

Google Shopping displays images and prices of products from different vendors, allowing the consumers to make comparisons easily. It offers business owners the opportunity to reach out to shoppers who have already made the decision of buying a particular product.

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How Can We Help?

How Can We Help

If you are an Ecommerce business looking to increase your click-through rates or conversion rates, you must consider setting up a Google Shopping ad campaign.

We at Adaptify, know the importance of including Google Shopping ad campaigns in your marketing strategy, and offer the service of designing customised Google Shopping plan for your business. Our team in Melbourne, Australia is a team of experts that are dedicated to creating effective Google Shopping ad campaigns that can draw customers to your site and encourage them to make a purchase.

Ideal For All Ecommerce Retailers

No matter what business you are in – clothing, cosmetic, or electronic, you can count on Google Shopping ad setup for the growth of your business. No business can expand only on the basis of the deals it provides or the quality products it sells; there’s always the need for the right eCommerce marketing strategy. With careful, effective planning, our experts will ensure your products come up in the right searches, thus increasing the chances of conversions.

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How We Manage Google Shopping Ads?

Getting control of your product listing is important and to do, so we perform data analysis of your product, make use of premium automation software, and employ our expertise in the field.

Google Shopping Management requires plenty of effort and here’s what we do for it.

Feed Optimisation

Every time a customer types a product name in the search bar, Google looks up its Merchant Centre database to find the products that match the search. This is why it is important to have your feed optimised always. We put in a lot of effort in data feed optimisation as it helps in increasing the visibility of your product on Google Shopping. We pay special attention to titles and categorisation of products to make them appear on relevant searches.

Bid Strategy Optimisation

Adaptify team of experts know how to adjust bids to give more budget to product segments or campaigns that are getting in more profit. Our aim is to help our clients reduce their spends on non-converting listings, instead invest more money on high-converting product listings ads.

Wise Audience Targeting Strategy

Every business has customers who already know about it. With our expertise and experience in the audience targeting field, we implement product-level targeting strategies that attract customers that are more likely to make a purchase. With the customer data you have available, we aim at creating hyper-targeted audience segments for your Google Shopping ads.

Monitoring and Reporting

Once we have implemented the Google Shopping ad campaign on your behalf, our next step is to begin tracking and reporting. Along with the regular reporting, we pay attention to conversion tracking and attribution modelling. Our aim is to keep our client’s well-informed regarding all the data, so you can find all the facts and figures in our reports.

Benefits Our Clients Enjoy

Benefits our clients enjoy

Google Shopping ads, when managed correctly can get you many benefits including:

  1. Generate traffic: Google is a popular search engine used by millions of people worldwide. Having your product listed on Google Shopping can direct plenty of traffic to your website.
  2. Better leads: Since Google Shopping shows relevant products to the customers, the chances of them making a purchase increases. If your product is correctly listed on Google Shopping ads, you can expect better leads.
  3. Increased Visibility: Once your ads are listed on Google Shopping, they will show in every relevant search. This means your ad will appear every time a consumer types the name of the product, thus increasing the visibility of your listing.  

Our clients not get only profit from Google Shopping ads, but also our other services like Google AdWordsRetargeting marketingPPC & more.

Google Shopping Agency in Melbourne

If you want an experienced and trustworthy agency in Melbourne, Australia to manage Google Shopping on behalf of your business, then you must come to us. Call us on 1300 423 566 and discuss your requirements today.

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