SAP Integration

More than 40,000 small and midsized businesses around the globe use SAP Business One for their ERP solution requirements.

Integrating ERP systems with e-commerce platforms can help businesses to operate efficiently, get valuable customer data and insights, drive better sales, profit, and much more.

SAP Integration Solutions

Choose from the B2B Online Order system, B2B Webstore, and B2C Webstore templates that integrate with SAP and ensure flawless e-commerce operations and performance for your business.

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Salient Features of The SAP Integration

  • Automatic data integration between the webstore and SAP, including sales order information, new products, promotional offers, and much more

  • Options for stop credits, invoice payments, credit notes, and backorders in a unified system

  • Total pricing policy integration enables businesses to set new sales prices for products, offer discounts, and initiate promotional programs. This allows businesses to implement new sales strategies around the product price

  • Advanced web store navigation features, product catalogue options, customer segmentation, seamless shopping experience across devices, and inventory management for an optimal buying experience for the customers

Custom Options for SAP Users

Provide greater engagement and an enhanced customer experience with the custom options of SAP ERP integration. It includes the following:

  • Customer permissions
  • Quote module
  • Option to notify customers when products are back in stock
  • Advanced shipping
  • Stockist lookup page

Make Your E-Commerce Smarter and Efficient

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