M1 ERP Integration

Adaptify offers ERP integration solutions for M1 with your webstore to unify your e-commerce operations.

M1 ERP Integration for Seamless E-Commerce

Do you use ECi’s M1 ERP software and need better integration of the tool with your webstore?

Adaptify offers ERP integration solutions for M1 with your webstore to unify your e-commerce operations. The integration can streamline your daily processes and cover various aspects of your business operation, including sales, shipping, purchasing, order management, and more.

M1 Integrations

M1 ERP Integration Key Features

The integration system offers critical enhancements to your e-commerce by optimising the following areas:

  • It helps you to manage your inventory at a new level that reduces wastage. The integration of inventory data and sales trends can help you to order stocks more efficiently and control the      costs.
  • The customer data integration and the integrated price manager can help you to provide custom offers, discounts, and more to drive sales and profit.
  • The system eliminates the inefficient inter-departmental reporting and workflow, including the manual entry of data, and makes your business efficient.
  • With robust accounting options, you get the option to manage financial data and every aspect of your business using a user-friendly interface.
  • It helps you to optimise some of the challenging aspects of warehouse operations with a unified system and ensure on-time delivery of products and improved customer experience.
  • Quick uploading of inventory and stock items to your platform for sales metrics
  • Easy transfer of customer data from Xero to your B2B platform with a secure ordering option
  • Auto-syncing of each order to Xero for packing and dispatch
  • Option to implement specific payment terms for individual customers during the checkout process. Do you want customised e-commerce platforms with advanced features? Adaptify offers B2B Online Ordering, B2B Webstore, and B2C Webstore platforms that can make your e-commerce operations simplified and efficient.
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