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Magento is a highly flexible platform that can give an improved customer experience with excellent customisation options. As a Magento user, you don’t need an introduction to Magento to say how convenient it is.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything in the backend is seamless and optimised. You may need more systems, features, and options to manage and control your operations to ensure your customers enjoy a solid online experience.
As a Magento integration agency, Adaptify specialises in custom web development and will work closely with you and your business to determine the best website frameworks and software systems.

Our team of custom Magento development professionals provide end-to-end services including consulting, custom design and development along with timely support and maintenance services for Magento websites. On the surface, there are themes and designs that can be tailored to accommodate your preferred aesthetic. Drilling down deeper into your site, though, there is much that can be done to make the most of your product listings.

Adding customisable options to a product listing is an effective way to offer a selection of options with a fair share of text and date inputs. These customisable options are a decent solution especially if your inventory requirements are straightforward. According to Magento owner, Adobe, these particular options are based on variations of a single SKU and cannot be used to manage stock or as the basis of price rule conditions. If you have multiple products with the same options, though, you can set up one product and import the options to the other products.

When a customer purchases a product with a customisable option, for instance, a description of each selected option appears below the product description – any associated markup or markdown is reported to be automatically applied to the item’s price.

ERP Integration

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Your ERP system is the core of your e-commerce operations. The seamless integration of your ERP with your Magento store can give you greater control over the operations from accounting to warehousing and logistics.

Magento CRM Integrations – Doing What Is Best For Your Customers

Customers are an important consideration for your business – and if they’re not, well, you should take a moment to review the integration of customer data within your own systems and see how you can potentially offer tailored services and support. The good news is that Adaptify can provide customised integration between your CRM tool and your Magento online store in a manner that is efficient and relatively seamless.

With up-to-date, error-free data across your systems, you will provide a high-value business service experience to your customers. Here is a sample of the CRMs that we work with on a regular basis.
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Magento Accounting Software Integration

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Whether you are a small business, a start-up, a medium-sized firm, or even a corporate, you may opt for accounting software over ERP. At Adapifty, we offer integration for Magento stores with all the leading accounting software choices to help you manage invoices and reconcile bank transactions in just a few clicks.

The Magento MYOB extension can automatically synchronise customer, order and product data. The integration here is transformational and can vastly enhance the customer experience. Key features of this connector include inventory management, order fulfilment, returns and exchanges, customer service (MYOB CRM integration), order tracking and rewards/offers.

Ensure your Magento website is a reliable resource of information for your customers with centralised, synchronised data across your whole eCommerce system. In addition to supporting your customers, this integration will also ensure that your company personnel can access accurate, current and operational data. This extension is reported to eliminate resources spent on time-consuming and redundant manual entries which are often prone to error and can slow fulfilment processes to a crawl. A streamlined fulfilment process will make your deliveries more reliable and cut operational costs.

API Magento Integration & Plugins

API is the messenger between various systems. APIs can connect and ensure seamless transfer of data between your Magento online store and various systems such as your ERP, CRM, or any other tool.

On the other hand, connectors and plugins are the options to add specific features to your online store to simplify the business processes and improve the customer experience.

At Adaptify, we develop custom APIs, connectors, and plugins to address the specific challenges of e-commerce businesses.
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Whether you want to allow your customers with social account logins, develop a fully functional payment processing system, create a checkout module, or set up a custom SEO extension, our integration experts can work with you and make your ecosystem more advanced, efficient, and controlled.

On the other hand, Adaptify also serves as a Magento PPC agency and specialises in keyword and competitor research, ad copy creation and AB split testing, bid optimisation at the keyword level, landing page optimisation and more.

Our team can produce Magento advertisements following a thorough review of your digital presence and can even finetune PPC campaigns to ensure you get the best value and market reach.

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