Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Microsoft Dynamics innovatively combines ERP and CRM capabilities to provide an efficient, single system for businesses. Connect data, people and products while experiencing valuable insights and heightened control of your business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Provider

Adaptify offers Microsoft Dynamics integration for e-commerce platforms, developed to effectively showcase optimal business performance. Choose from custom-designed B2B Online Ordering platforms, B2B Webstores, and B2C webstores to provide an optimal user experience.

microsoft dynamics Integrations

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Features

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration has a clear focus on transforming your business processes and customer experience with key features including:
  • Real-time syncing of data between the Microsoft Dynamics and your webstore to help you to track the orders, process payments, and issue refunds
  • Interactive dashboard to track the order details, shipping information, inventory status, and much more
  • Integration of financial and sales data, including interactions, orders, leads, invoices, and sales trends, to get valuable customer insights for deriving better business strategies and campaigns
  • Pricing integration across systems for discounts, promotional programs, and other pricing strategies
  • Choose the Microsoft Dynamics Integration and Make Your Business Smart

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