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The growing use of smartphones by people of all age groups makes mobile SEO extremely important. With a smart device at disposal 24/7, more and more people rely on internet search results. This makes it extremely crucial for businesses to design mobile-friendly webpages with relevant content and keywords to take advantage of local mobile searches.
Fun fact: Did you know that a report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that the proportion of households with access to the internet at home has been steadily climbing since 2004-05 but remained constant between 2014-15 and 2016-17 at 86%? Delving deeper into this report we find that households with children aged under 15 years, 97% had access compared with 82% of households without children under 15. Households located in major cities were more likely to have internet access at home (88%) than those in remote or very remote parts of Australia (77%).

Similarly, desktop or laptop computers as well as mobile or smartphones are used by 91% of connected households. Tablets were the next most popular device used by 66% of households connected to the internet.

As for what these people are using the internet for, the Bureau’s findings reveal that the three most popular online activities were entertainment, social networking and banking.

Why is this good to know? Well, by understanding your audience and the wider context where SEO mobile is concerned, you can formulate a plan, with our assistance, to make the most of your mobile SEO marketing platform.

There’s Plenty You Can Do To Up Your Mobile SEO Game

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To ensure the success of mobile SEO, there are plenty of strategies that a business can use. The improvements in voice searches, Google My Business, and mobile search engine result pages have made it possible to take your mobile SEO efforts to the next level.

Adaptify is a mobile SEO specialist, having years of experience in the creation and implementation of various digital marketing strategies for its clients throughout Australia. Our aim to provide tailored SEO marketing strategies for forward-thinking businesses to help them achieve and exceed their sales goals.

With our knowledge on mobile SEO and emphasis on data-driven strategy, we can provide the best possible results to all our clients.

Is your business in need of results-focused web design that offers a superior user experience? Are you looking to connect with your audience across web, social media and e-Commerce platforms? For innovative, fully customised digital solutions, defer to the passionate and dedicated team at Adaptify. We tailor scalable solutions that integrate with existing processes and offer access game-changing digital structures that will deliver exceptional UI/UX design that will transform your digital presence. Creating multi-platformed solutions across all mobile, static and responsive devices, our suite includes, but is not limited to: customised mobile apps, intuitive software development, e-Commerce platforms such as shopping cart, payment gateway, order management, video production and online integration, web applications as well as content management, product management and email marketing systems.

Whether you are an early-stage start-up, a small business or a large corporation, from collaboration to completion, we will realise your business vision in the digital space.

Reasons To Include Mobile SEO Marketing In Your Current Strategy?

Focusing on your desktop site is essential. However, ignoring how your website will perform on mobile phones is the biggest mistake you can make in today’s time of smartphones. Keeping in mind the requirements of mobile phone users when designing your SEO strategy can prove to be vital for your business.

Here’s why it is crucial to opt for mobile SEO services.
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Mobile usage can also be gauged with a rise in app usage. Many businesses now devote resources to mobile application development, highlighting the focus on delivering the ideal mobile experience.  In a space where experiences are products, our mobile SEO experts immerse themselves in the world of your users, revealing needs and motivation. We think from the mobile user perspective, and develop agile applications that engage, convert and entertain. From mobile analytics integration to research and strategy, we do it all – we are a mobile SEO agency that truly is second to none.

Mobile SEO marketing can also be as scalable as you need it to be to align with your business focus. In a space where experiences are products, our mobile SEO experts immerse themselves in the world of your users, revealing needs and motivation. We think from the mobile user perspective, and develop agile applications that engage, convert and entertain. From mobile analytics integration to research and strategy, we do it all – we are a mobile SEO agency that truly is second to none.

Making The Most Of Voice Search

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Mobile SEO at its core requires a sharp focus on trends and patterns for success. All mobile users want to see results immediately and are not necessarily willing to invest a lot of time when it comes to finding the information they are looking for. Hence, it becomes extremely important for businesses to cater to the needs of today’s fast-paced customers and other users.

Preparing your website to be ready for voice search is a great idea. It is a trend that is catching on around the world, too. When we undertake mobile SEO on your behalf, we take a closer look at who your target audiences with reference to those speaking into their smart devices. We work hard to understand how your target audiences are going to use their voice-enabled devices to find your website and how your website will treat them in return.
Interestingly, there are two modes of dialogue to consider here. We are communicating with other people but we are also relying on robots or the computer to do a lot of the legwork for us. The most common dialogue systems we are familiar with are Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) which is useful for sharing input signals to voice search devices and then there is Text-To-Speech (TTS) which, as the name implies, is a direct conversion of text input to an audio output. Did you know that as soon as a device has an input (voice) it will often try to detect the language in which a query has been asked – the keywords in the query will be captured and the virtual assistant will generally attempt to answer the question.

The rise in popularity for voice search as a major consideration in mobile SEO strategy is a no-brainer. A very common example of voice search in action is when you are cooking in the kitchen or driving a vehicle. In most cases, you are busy doing something else or you just enjoy the simplicity of asking Google a question without typing it out.

Here are some of the top reasons why users generally default to a voice search:

Here are some of the top reasons why users generally default to a voice search:

– It is quicker than going on a website or using an app
– Handsfree and safer way to run a search query while driving
– It is more fun than other search methods
– It is a more accurate way to search
– It is easier than typing on a mobile device

In a world where time really is money, it appears that users will generally opt for the quicker, smarter option and that must be front-of-mind when coordinating mobile SEO marketing. Market research has shown that about 56% of all voice searches are made on a smartphone for instance. It is fair to say that that statistic will likely increase in the years to come. In this scenario, it is best practice for any business to be considerate of ways to improve the voice search experience where possible.

Voice search keywords, as a result, tend to be longtail which makes sense when you think about it, this mode of communication is usually conversational. This a major point-of-difference to regular on-page SEO copy which hones in on specific one-, two-, three-word strings. In terms of understanding the nuances of this aspect of mobile SEO, we’re only scratching the surface.

In addition to providing industry leading and effective mobile SEO services, we also offer enterprise SEO, international SEO, and local SEO.

Why Choose Adaptify?

Adaptify, as an expert SEO company, is committed to providing its clients with digital marketing strategies that can take their business to new heights.

When we undertake mobile SEO on your behalf, we ensure you experience:

1. Increase in website traffic

We know that the right SEO strategies can bring the right kind of traffic to your website. We first understand your business and its target audience to design SEO strategies that can bring more and more people to your website.

2. More sales

The more people visiting your website, the higher the chances of them making a purchase. If you get the right kind of target audience to your website and they are happy with what they see, they are likely to purchase from you.

3. Better conversion rate

A user-friendly mobile website can impress your visitors and turn them into loyal customers forever. Our SEO strategies focus on the betterment of your mobile website to ensure a better conversion rate.

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