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Oasis Integration for Your Webstore

Do you need a unified system for their entire business? Then choose Oasis ERP, efficiently combining CRM, financial management, marketing automation, lead to cash, human resources management, and much more. Oasis software has empowered thousands of small businesses to successfully optimise their business processes.

Oasis Integration Provider

Do you use Oasis ERP and think that an advanced ERP integration can make your e-commerce business flow better? Adaptify offers ERP integration for Oasis and webstores that ensures uniform data across various tools and real-time syncing.

Adaptify offers Oasis CRM integration for various e-commerce websites that creates a single destination for all customer and business data. The integration can also ensure real-time synchronisation of data and information between your webstore and the Oasis CRM.

It is an ideal option for small and mid-size businesses when combining marketing and services in one place to boost sales.
Oasis Integration

Oasis Integration Key Features

The Adaptify ERP integration system for Oasis is superior with a number of features:
  • Seamless data exchange between Oasis ERP and your webstore that ensures accurate inventory data, order information, product information, and more across the e-commerce ecosystem.
  • The mining and analysis of critical data can give better customer insights for deriving customised sales strategies to target specific groups.
  • The mining and analysis of critical data can give better customer insights for deriving customised sales strategies to target specific groups.
  • The integration ensures the coordination of different departments from warehouse to front-office for improved sales experience and customer engagement.
  • Businesses can personalise the integration based on the specific operational requirements with a strong focus on reducing business expenses and increasing profitability.

What Makes Oasis CRM Integration Critical for Your Business Success

OASIS Intellitek Integrations
  • The integration helps you to map the customer journey for designing personalised and targeted campaigns, including and upselling and cross-selling.
  • The Oasis CRM integration can help to offer a world-class customer service using email, telephone, or web chat by having a 360-degree view of your relationship with the customers.
  • The integration can significantly enable you in automating your marketing efforts, including e-mail marketing, social media posting, and more.
  • The synchronisation eliminates the requirement of manual inputs of data into multiple systems and helps you to utilise your workforce efficiently.

Adaptify E-commerce Solutions

Adaptify also offers B2B Online Ordering, B2C Webstore, and B2B Webstore platforms to e-commerce businesses. These user-friendly platforms come with countless features to make online shopping a unique experience.

Choose Oasis Integration for Flawless E-commerce Operations

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