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Most website visitors are not ready to buy the first time they land on your website. In fact, as much as 98% of web traffic will not convert on their first visit to your website.

Adaptify is a premium retargeting marketing agency in Melbourne that can give your business a critical edge over your competitors by targeting previous visitors and placing your brand right in front of them once again.

Adaptify can formulate a retargeting campaign that will track each of your website’s visitors, add them to your audience, and follow them all over the internet with relevant and branded ads. This will convince these website visitors to eventually come back and make a purchase.

What Retargeting Advertising Can Do For Your Business

Adaptify can perform retargeting advertising services that can produce remarkable results. It is much easier to target and convert visitors who have already shown some interest in your products than to try to convert someone who has never encountered your website.

Remarketing ads get far more clicks, conversions rate, and sales than other types of display ads. This is because these ads are crafted to be more personalised, targeted, and relevant in order to appeal to your target audience to give you a second chance to convert them into a paying customer.

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How Does A Remarketing Ad Work?

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Making remarketing ads is a reasonably straight forward process. The first step of a remarketing campaign is decide which web pages to place tags on. Codes, or “tags”, that are added to specific web pages on your business’s website will use browser cookies to add any visitors to your remarketing list. These codes can be customised for different web pages in order to create various groups. 

For instance, if your company sells clothes, a potential tag could be “white dress” for users who need one. This tag would send targeted ads for pages on your website where white dresses can be purchased from.

You should first focus on the high-value pages that your visitors most frequently view, as regular visits means they are interested in buying the products advertised on those pages.

Multichannel Remarketing

The experienced team in Melbourne use data from multiple sources to form an effective multichannel remarketing campaign:

  • Analytics
  • Marketing tools
  • User lists
  • Previous ad campaigns
  • Audience information
  • In-house tools

After looking over this data, our team will set up a multichannel campaign that will run on the platforms where your target audience most likely spends their time on, such as mobile apps, relevant websites, social networks, or particular forums. Our agency will identify your target audience and learn about their needs to increase the probability of them converting.

However, Facebook and Google are the most popular platforms. Rather than this Adaptify offers two more google services i.e. Google Adwords & Google Shopping Management.


Facebook Retargeting

Using retargeting platforms such as Perfect Audience Adroll, or Retargeter is a great way to put out retargeting ads that appear when your target audience is browsing through their Facebook feed.

Unlike click on display ads that take users to your website, getting a “Like” on your Facebook ad is free promotion for your business because your ad will appear in the user’s contacts’ news feed as well. Potential customers are more likely to consider purchasing from you since they have seen that a Facebook friend of theirs has liked your ad.

Google Remarketing

You can perform remarketing advertising on the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network (GDN), and YouTube. All of these platforms will give your business a huge amount of exposure.

FAQs On Retargeting Advertising

You can perform remarketing advertising on the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network (GDN), and YouTube. All of these platforms will give your business a huge amount of exposure.
Adaptify is Australia’s premier agency that puts your business’s success and growth first and foremost. We will attain information about your target audience, such as where they are from and the places they often go to. Our experts use this information build a hyper-targeted strategy that will convert prospects as they browse through the internet. Every ad we create is customised to appeal to your target audience to maximise conversions.

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