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Developing websites today requires an ability to function no matter what device is being used. Make your website mobile responsive.

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Responsive Websites ​

A website formatted to be flexible.

One of the most important structural features of a modern website is responsive web design. Consider how users access and interact with your website. In this modern age, a lot of your online traffic will come from people who are traveling between destinations and may not have access to a static desktop setup because they are constantly on the move during business hours. That means that there are lots of users relying on portable technology to view your site.

To accommodate this trend, your landing pages need to be easy to read on various device types from desktop computers to smartphones to tablets. If your digital strategy lacks this core feature you will not be able to effectively engage and convert your readership.

The team at Adaptify are experienced with producing mobile-friendly websites and can guide you through every step of the design process to ensure that the final product is accessible and easy to navigate.

Responsive Layout

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How do you develop a landing page that can shrink, hide, enlarge and move images and text in a way that is legible and makes sense on different sized screens? Adaptify has the technical proficiency to incorporate responsive layouts that are specifically designed to chunk sections of a website and re-arrange images when certain devices are being used to view the digital content.

Responsive layouts can be customised by our development team to complement other digital strategies like pay-per-click campaigns for added value. Also, if there are specific sections of the site that must be prioritised we can work with our team to test a digital solution that will satisfy your project requirements. To learn more about this exciting feature, get in touch today.

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