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No doubt, you have great products and services but why are your web pages not converting? Are you missing something important? It’s not enough to drive traffic to your site. The most important thing is to build a connection with your online visitor to encourage trust and establishes your authority. You need to think outside the box if you want your brand to reach your potential customer.

Why not take an expert’s help? As one of the top SEO companies in Melbourne, we specialise in creating an SEO-focused brand message that builds enough trust to drive conversions.

We understand that SEO service in Australia involves much more than simply writing for the target audience.

Our Time Proven Strategies

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Adaptify as an expert SEO company in Melbourne specialises in giving simple yet effective SEO services. Some of them are:

  • Establishing a brand message
  • SEO-friendly content with the right keywords
  • Writing on-brand content to create the right message for the right audience
  • Establishing your ideal client
  • Determining the goal of your website
  • What tone or style appeals beat to your target audience?
  • Landing page optimization

Adaptify is renowned for helping your industry to transform and grow by leveraging change and technology. It would be crazy on your part if you don’t opt for these services. Your competitors are already taking benefits. Our independent team of diverse business, marketing and technology consultants customise solutions every day by challenging and improving the status quo.

What Our SEO Services Can Do For You

Adaptify in an expert marketing agency that is proud to help you with the following services:

  • On-Page Improvements
  • Link Building
  • Authority Improvements
  • Business Directories
  • Guest Blog Posting
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Monthly Reports
  • On-Page SEO Check
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Google Search Console Monitoring
  • Quarterly Full SEO Profile
  • Ongoing Optimisation and Recommendation
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We help You In Increasing Your Revenue

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Our strategy skyrocket your profits!

Our Search Engine Optimisation focuses on ranking as well as revenue whereas most of the SEO companies focus only on rankings, not on revenue. Ranking and traffic are essential but if they don’t get converted into money, they are of no use. Our SEO agency care how to drive maximum profit, revenue and conversion rate to your business.

We Don’t Believe In Excuses; We Give Just Results

Our results stand the test of time!

Our effective SEO management helps bullet-proof your website against the relentless Google updates. Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t depend on one particular strategy to rank your website at the top of the search engine. We are an expert SEO marketing agency specialising in employing a wide range of tactics like Click Funnel, SEM and more to ensure your business the Google rankings and results you’re looking for.

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We Know How To Slaughter Your Competition

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Our SEO strategist are effective enough to kill the tactician!

As one of the reputed and trusted SEO agencies, we understand that the difficulty of any SEO campaign largely depends on the type of product and services and the level of business competition. Our expert team carefully access the market, size up your business competitors and applies the strategy that slaughters the competition. We make your business flourish whereas your competitor will struggle hard to take a single breath.

Business Centric Approach

Our SEO services involve assessment, strategy and execution. Unlike other SEO companies, we don’t focus only on keywords selection and blindly implementing tactics. We understand that every business is different. Each of our SEO campaigns are business-centric. 

We customise them as per your industry and business requirements so that you can get desired customer engagement. Our effective SEO strategies ensure to slaughter your competition irrespective of your business size and budget.

And to fulfill your desired requirements, our SEO agency offer – mobile, enterprise, international and local SEO.  To know more in details, contact us or browse our website.

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Guaranteed Search Engine Ranking


Our high professionalism, excellent customer care services and outstanding business strategies have established us as one of the most trusted and reputed digital media agencies in Australia. We don’t believe in wasting your time in false promises. Our precise workmanship is reflected in the results.

We utilise our business acumen and in-depth SEO marketing strategies to guarantee results. Our time-proven quality service guarantees top Google ranking within 90 days.


Search engine optimisation is a science that requires detailed research, complex analytics tools and professional execution to get high performing results. Here at Adaptify, we provide industry-leading SEO services for our clients Australia-wide.

We also believe in helping businesses better understand SEO no matter who they are. This list of the 17 most common questions we are asked about SEO can help you better the industry and the best practices that we use. Get in touch on 1300 423 566 if you have further questions.

Imagine all your current and potential website visitors — most websites will see 50% of that audience come from search engines like Google.

Search engines are a research and discovery tool that many users around the world use to find information, products and online stores. Many of your first time or recurring visitors will come through a search engine like Google.

As more people find your website via Google, you will also see an increase from other marketing channels such as email, social media and paid advertising. SEO will directly impact how people find your business online.

A search engine will look at 3 primary factors when trying to figure out what the website is about — known simply as indexing. These 3 primary factors include: authority, relevancy and crawlability.

Crawlability: how well the links to and within your website can be discovered and navigated by search engine spiders.

Authority: how reputable is your website to search engines like Google.

Relevancy: how well Google understands what your website is about. In turn, Google is looking to send the right people to your website.

If a user searches ‘cars’ into Google, the search engine sorts through countless webpages and orders them based on trustworthiness and relevancy to the search term ‘cars’.
Organic traffic, through search engine optimisation, is something that is earned as opposed to being bought. However, having a successful SEO campaign and a high performing website does take time and resources.

These days, search engines are much better at understanding search queries. As such, choosing the right keywords to drive traffic to your website is increasingly more important. Since organic traffic cannot be bought, SEO strategies take time to come into effect.

Results can vary depending on the strategy. However, a good SEO campaign increases the visibility of the website while seeing a natural growth of visitors to the website. More visibility means more traffic, which means more potential customers and more revenue.

One important distinction though, an SEO campaign is not about getting any user to the website. We want quality traffic and quality leads with customers that are interested in your business.

Search engine algorithms will analyse what caused a spike in visitors to a website before assessing whether your website has something valuable to offer. Perhaps a leading website in your industry just linked to your website?

In other situations, a bot or spammer may have been used to Google a business repeatedly to inflate your website traffic. The takeaway from this is that quality website traffic is what matters — quality over quantity.

While these are aspects of the algorithm we know about through tried and tested means. No one will ever truly know how Google’s algorithm works as it is a tightly guarded secret that is probably too complicated for anyone to understand.

Search engine optimisation strategies take time because there is no easy way to cheat the system. Google’s search engine algorithm is amazingly complicated. Google is constantly adding and updating the algorithm.

The ultimate goal for Google is to deliver users with the most relevant and highest quality content based on their search query. As such, your website should focus on delivery precise and high-quality content.

Back in the day, an SEO campaign was simply about putting as many keywords and links as possible in a webpage. These provided dramatically fast results. These days, tactics like these do no work and it takes far more skill and effort to see half of those results.

On-page SEO includes any action within a website to improve SEO performance. Here is a quick guide to on-page SEO strategies:

• Keywords in metas, headers images and website content.

• Crawlability: making sure your website can be crawled and indexed by search engines and users alike.

• Internal links to aid navigation such as menus, within body copy and breadcrumbs.

• Fast loading websites.

• Reducing crawl errors.

• Mobile responsive website.

• No duplicate content

• No thin content with low word counts

• Clean and descriptive static URLs

Without keywords, you will struggle to generate traffic to your website. However, it is more than just having keywords on your website. You need the right ones. Selecting keywords can be difficult. The smaller your industry, the harder it will be to find keywords.

Keyword research is subsequently one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign. Here at Adaptify, we use multiple tools to find keywords and select the right ones based on their competitiveness, volumes and more.

After the keyword research, we will then look at what pages these keywords are suitable for and begin writing content or optimising your existing website content with keyword integration. Both practices can substantially influence your website’s rankings.

One aspect to consider though is that not all keywords are equal. A keyword such as ‘books’ will have a high volume of searches and seem like a good keyword. However, it is more than likely it will be very difficult to rank for this keyword.

Keywords with high volume will mean you are competing against massive companies like e-commerce giants like Amazon and the millions of other pages. Using multiple keyword research tools, we might find the ‘buy books online’ is a much better keyword for your website.

The more words you add the lower the search volume in most instances. It allows us to find relevant keywords that are closer to the purchasing decision. In most cases, the longer the keyword the closer they are to purchasing the product.

These long tail keywords are critical for any SEO campaign. Long tail keywords are usually a longer series of keywords, often a question, and can be useful at capturing leads who are ready to buy. Long tail keywords can be used in your FAQs pages or a blog post.

Most people have experienced a website that took forever to load. In most circumstances we end up leaving the website. What is the longest you would wait for a website — 5 seconds … 3 seconds?

• 53% of visits are likely to leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load (Google).

• 50% of people expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds (Google).

When it comes to an online attention span, most people have a very short one. It is critical that your website loads quickly. Otherwise, you are missing out on potentially 50% of the visitors that reach your website.

Load times are also important for search engines as they look at load times as an assessment for how to rank your website. Google values high-quality content that is delivered fast. Search engines also take into account other aspects related to loading times.

If a user clicks a search result, waits 5 seconds and returns back to the search result, you will see a negative impact on the SEO performance. This is because low times and high bounce rates on a website suggest poor user experience and this impacts SEO.

Another reason to pay attention to load times is that in circumstances where the page load speed is really slow, search engines may not be able to crawl or index that page at all. This would be disastrous.

Google will reduce the number of crawlers to your website if your server is slower than 2 seconds. This is massive if you wish to add landing pages, blog posts and other updates to your website. Google will take longer to recognise that these new content pieces are there.

A good website should be built so that there is a clear hierarchy. This hierarchy relates to the website as a whole and the individual pages. Typically, the most important page is the home page that sits are the very top of the hierarchy.

After the home page would sit sub-pages. These are often category or service pages that can be accessed from the main menu. Category and service pages can then have further sub-pages underneath for product pages or sub-service pages.

The more clicks it takes a user to find a page from the home page, the weaker those pages will be in terms of authority for SEO. This is why the most important pages on your website should sit higher in the hierarchy, offering easy navigation via menus and internal linking.

Providing a clear path for users to navigate through your website will benefit everyone from users to search engines and ultimately your website’s rankings. Landing pages can also follow a similar structure to your website.
The heading within a landing page can be used to place importance on the primary keyword for the landing page. Headers should be systematically represented as h1, h2, h3 and so on — with the h1 being the most important heading.

Off-page SEO tactics primarily focus on links and link building. Links are an integral part of SEO as they signal that people are finding content interesting by clicking the links. Promoting or amplifying content is also part of off-page SEO.

If your website appears on another website or marketing channel, then this is also part of an off-page SEO strategy. Using influencers, publishers or customer reviews can be an effective way to improve your website’s SEO performance.

Undertaking detailed research can ensure that your amazing website content is also directing people to your website. Ensuring your well-written content is also SEO friendly using on-site and off-site SEO tactics.

One way to always ensure your website is ranking well is by having the right keywords. This involves using keywords for the long and short term. Some keywords will see growth in the short term while others will see ROI in months to come.

The total number of keywords for your SEO campaign is on a case by case basis. It depends on your budget, goals and the content you have on your websites. It will take time to understand what keywords will provide the best ROI.

The price of SEO services will be dependent on the size of your SEO campaign. Factors that go into the price include the number of keywords, the type of keywords, your industry, site history and previous SEO campaigns.

Every SEO campaign with Adaptify is customised to be unique to your business. As such, it takes time to understand your business, the industry and your positioning in the market. If you would like an SEO audit or to start an SEO campaign, get in touch on 1300 423 566.

Google penalties are extremely damaging to your website’s SEO performance and can undo months and even years of hard work. Google will submit a penalty if it believes you are trying to cheat the system or over-optimise your website.

However, this does not mean you need to start again or build a new website. We can offer a free penalty assessment for your website if you have received one. Get in touch on 1300 423 566, and we can suggest the best course of action.

Once we have all the necessary logins and permissions to access your website, we will use the Advanced Web Ranking to assess your website’s SEO performance. Using AWR will take on average around 72 hours to determine your website’s initial rankings.

After the assessment, we will begin our SEO campaign with our on and off-site strategies. On average, it will take around 6 months to start seeing SEO performance increases from our SEO strategies. While it does seem like a long term, SEO in a long-term strategy.

Throughout your campaign, our account managers will walk you through each milestone as your website begins to rank higher. We believe in helping our clients better understand SEO, our strategies and their website for true transparency.

One way we offer transparency is by sharing monthly reports with our clients and walking them through the rankings for each of the keywords on their website. You will be able to see how your keywords move from position 84 (page 9 on Google) to position 26 (page 3).

Backlink SEO strategies are about building relationships. It can take a fair amount of time and effort to build any relationship, SEO backlinking is no different. These strategies require a lot of work and it can be difficult to do this on your own.

We have a deep network of high-quality connections for backlinking. These include a range of bloggers, journalists and websites across a wide range of industries and markets. The ever-growing database allows our SEO and PIR to generate high-quality backlinks.

This database can offer a positive boost to your SEO campaign and improve your website’s performance. Our premium link building is achieved by working with reputable websites and directories to ensure high-quality links for websites.

The most important aspect is to increase your SEO performance and ensure that you do not receive a penalty from Google. Our utmost priority is to provide our clients with link building and outreach strategies no matter how big or small the market is.

SEO can increase traffic to your website, in other words leads, which in turn can increase your sales and revenue. A website and SEO strategy should use a holistic approach that engages new customers, converts them all while improving search ability through best practices.

SEO improves your search position, or rank, on Google. The focus of SEO is to obtain high-quality organic traffic to your website through carefully optimised content and smart keyword selection. SEO is a long term strategy.

PPC looks as investing a budget into advertising your website, service, product or brand. A PPC campaign is a short term strategy that sees immediate results. If you have a website, investing in PPC and SEO can generate unprecedented leads and ROI for the short and long term.

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