Standard ERP Integration

Adaptify offers Standard ERP integration for various webstores and ensures the hassle-free and real-time flow of data between both systems. Combine your inventory, order processing, account management, job costing, and more into a single database and ecosystem.

Standard ERP Integration for E-Commerce Operations

Do you use Standard ERP and find it effective for your e-commerce business operations? Is your ERP integrated with your webstore? Do you need to better manage your data, information, products, prices, inventory and more?

The integration combines advanced features of CRM capabilities, including document management, email, electronic conferencing, and graphical schedulers.

ERP One Integrations

Features of Standard ERP Integration

  • The integration ensures a comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem that eliminates the need for separate tools and software for payment processing, calculating taxes, e-invoicing, and graphical business intelligence
  • The real-time integration makes businesses more efficient, without the need for double entry of data, better utilisation of employees and resources, and on-time dispatch and delivery of products.
  • The integration offers advanced features such as customer permissions, quote module, advanced shipping options, and the option to notify customers when products are back in stock – takes the customer experience to the next level
  • The access to unified and critical data helps businesses to get deeper insights about customer behaviour and empowers them to make a better decision on product prices, strategies, offers, and more
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