Sugar CRM Integration

Sugar CRM is one of the leading customer relationship management systems for small and medium businesses. It helps companies to address their business communication challenges in a new and intuitive way.

Sugar CRM Integration For E-Commerce

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Do you use Sugar CRM and want integration of your webstore to boost your webstore revenue and increase the online presence?

Adaptify offers Sugar CRM integration for e-commerce businesses to help them to focus on their customers.

Sugar CRM Integration Key Features

The Sugar CRM integration can give you great business dividends with the following features:

  • It allows you to sync all the data of your customers, including their interactions, invoices, recently viewed products, and orders, from your webstore to Sugar CRM and vice versa. The integration helps you to streamline the sales efforts based on the value of the customers.
  • CRM integration can ensure efficient multi-channel marketing – both traditional and digital marketing. The integration allows you to track the effectiveness of various marketing channels and empowers you to optimise the channels that need improvement.
  • Integration helps you to manage customer grievances from a central site. It can ensure quick and prompt responses to customer issues for enhancing the customer experience.
  • CRM integration also helps you to customise the webstore using tools like Sugar Studio and Sugar Module Builder. It helps you to add apps and modules with specific fields to display on the web interface.
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