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Xero Integration

Adaptify offers B2B online ordering platforms, B2B webstores, and B2C webstores along with e-commerce integration systems for the e-commerce industry of Australia. The platforms integrate with various ERP and CRM tools and ensure the seamless flow of data between your systems for effective control of the business and processes.

Adaptify B2B Online Ordering Platform

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Xero Integrations

What Makes Adaptify B2B Platform A Great Choice for Xero Users?

With the following features, the Adaptify online ordering platform offers scalable integration with your Xero online accounting software:
  • Quick uploading of inventory and stock items to your platform for sales metrics
  • Easy transfer of customer data from Xero to your B2B platform with a secure ordering option
  • Auto-syncing of each order to Xero for packing and dispatch
  • Option to implement specific payment terms for individual customers during the checkout process
  • Adaptify B2B Webstore

    The Adaptify B2B webstore has been developed to assist wholesale clients manage multiple products, various information sources and different price points while seamlessly integrating with the Xero e-commerce platform.

    Adaptify B2C Webstore

    Adaptify B2C Webstore and integration system is designed for businesses who need to offer a hassle-free shopping experience to customers. It provides quantifiable data for better marketing insights through the integration of ERP and CRM systems.

    Better Price Management with Adaptify Price Manager

  • Options to calculate and set new sales prices based on the base sales price or cost price
  • Option to set specific discounts for particular products or categories
  • Options to create customer-specific and quantity-wise discounts
  • A Great Choice for Xero Users

    The following features of Adaptify B2B Webstore make it an ideal choice for Xero accounting software users:

  • Easy and hassle-free Xero integration
  • Custom special pricing synced to the accounting software
  • Automatic uploading of customer data from Xero – invites customers to log in and order
  • Stop credit/hold data synced from the accounting package
  • The Right Option for Xero Users

    Are you using Xero accounting software? You will find our B2C Webstore and integration solution an efficient choice with the following features:

  • Easy customer and product integration
  • Pricing integration with the accounting software in addition to custom special price syncing
  • Stop credit/hold data integration from Xero
  • Inventory and marketing integration with measurable data
  • Smart E-Commerce Solutions with Adaptify

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