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Zoho CRM Integration

Do you use Zoho CRM and need integration with your webstore? Improve your business performance and efficiency when you are working with prospects, sales leads, and customers.

Zoho Customer Relationship Management Integration Provider

Adaptify offers advanced Zoho integration for small, medium, and large e-commerce businesses. The integration offers you unified data and information across your systems with real-time syncing between Zoho CRM and your webstore.
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Zoho CRM Integration Key Features

The Zoho CRM integration can simplify your e-commerce business operations with the following capabilities:

  • The automatic data synchronisation eliminates the need for manual exporting and importing of spreadsheets and data. It helps you to improve the productivity of your employees and make the business more efficient.

  • You have the option to choose multiple sync modes from automated syncing to manual syncing based on your business requirements.

  • It comes with numerous default and customised fields to make the integration comprehensive and unique to your requirements.

  • With holistic synchronisation of data, activities, and communication of customers, you get valuable customer insights for personalised campaigns. It can drive better customer engagement and sales.

  • The integration empowers you to map one CRM object to multiple webstore objects and vice versa.

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