How to improve your organic social media reach?

If you are a business or a brand owner today, there is zero chance that you aren’t on social media channels. The Internet shaped our behavior patterns, and social media took a huge impact on that mission. It is simple – if you don’t promote your business on social media, your business practically doesn’t exist. Why? Because nowadays users understand brand/business social media presence like some kind of legitimate work. When we speak about organic reach, everywhere you look it’s plummeting. Facebook is first on the list when we talk about the declining organic reach. Of course, you can always pay for advertising, but it’s not always the best option, especially if you’re running a small business or you’re at the beginning of the social media journey. The better you optimize your social media channels, the more likely you’ll learn how to balance paid reach and organic in the future.

We’re giving you a short, but useful guide on how to improve your organic social media marketing.

Focus your efforts on the important channels

Instead of running profiles and pages on all social media websites, try to focus on what is most capable for your business. For example, if you’re running a blog, you don’t need Pinterest.

It’s because your audience probably doesn’t have a presence on every social media platform, so you don’t need to waste your energy. Instead, you can focus on more important things, like creating optimized content and upgrading your marketing strategy. Choosing which network to focus on is easier than you think: listen to your audience, make interactions with them, and represent yourself like a brand that cares about its users. Make your content more visible and more attractive to share by adding share buttons. It will help you with multilevel – by checking insights and analytics, you’ll see who’s sharing your content and where, so you can accommodate by following concrete results.

The last, but not the less important is competition analysis. What kind of strategy do your industry colleagues have? You can easily see patterns. Analyze it on multiple levels, and apply the best practice on your social media channels.

Make it quality, not quantity

Social media websites like Facebook have said that in the last year users are exposed to over 1000 posts per day. To filtrate content and increase engagement, the news feed only displays a quarter of content focusing on the most relevant. The calculation is clear: if you post more, it doesn’t mean that you’ll see the results – you can only be boring. Instead of quantity, focus on relevant, high-quality content. Posting less with higher quality will be more effective because it will increase organic reach without spamming your audience. Once or twice a day is enough.

Be different

Remember that your business is unique and don’t be afraid to experiment. Offer your audience a different approach – flirt with them and represent your business a way different than your competition. Test the audience’s needs, their reactions to your content – that will make your online presence memorable in the lots of same approaches. Classic is always a good idea, but experimenting is way more fun, and sometimes it can lead you to the sky.

Interact with and engage your audience

Organic social media reach and better visibility of your page usually grow bigger when people directly come to your page and interact with it. Interaction with your online community is imperative when it comes to improving their experience and your status. When you properly interact with people, engage them with a call to action posts, reply to their comments, and answer their questions with patience and the right information, you can build a reputation that will spread. It’s important to know that sometimes it’s not everything online, there is something in word-of-mouth communication. The better communication you have with your community, new members will come because they’ve heard somewhere for your good reputation.

Optimize your social media profiles

The fact: Google and other search engines like optimized content, thus social media channels need to be optimized if you want better visibility. SEO optimization also includes your social media profiles, and many of its tactics you probably know: the recognizable but unique username, unique logo, keywords, trackable link to your website. Of course, when it comes to the customer’s trust, having a website is a must because it gives legitimacy to your business and brand.

A properly SEO optimized website with great uptime and stunning, shareable content is your ultimate weapon to the organic growth of your social media community. Provide the best uptime when your users come to your website – nobody wants to wait for a website to load. Choose a good hosting provider who will provide all the necessary stuff according to your needs. If you are in a dilemma about who to choose, check Hostinger – it has positive reviews and user feedback. Once your users go to your website, be sure you’ve provided share buttons for your social media because it will make it easier for them to share the content they want. Optimize your website content by putting keywords and rich descriptions making it easier to find on search engines, and voila! Half of a job is done.

Final Words

There is no magical recipe or some secret solution that will lead to stunning organic social media marketing. The key is in patience, in love with your mission, and in listening to your audience. Be prepared to accommodate the latest trends, to change your strategy and experiment, so you can find the best solution to your business and your needs. Social media marketing is pretty alive and its approaches change almost daily, so be prepared for learning.