How Your Marketing Strategy Will Change Depending On Your Industry

Let’s talk marketing, because it’s not as simple as copy and pasting a campaign template or using strategies purposely built for another industry. Have you considered how your industry affects your marketing strategies?

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By Luke Sharkey / Growth Marketing Manager

No business can survive without marketing!

Marketing is the most important thing that leads to the growth of a business. It creates brand awareness and increases the chances of boosting sales.

Marketing includes various aspects like advertising and promotion that contribute to the overall success of a business. Marketing your products or services requires you to build strategies that suit the type of business or industry you are involved in.

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Why marketing is important for any industry?

No matter what industry you belong to, your products or services need to be marketed effectively to make people aware of them. Marketing is important because:

It keeps your customers informed

Marketing educates your customers regarding your offerings!

No matter how good your product or service is or how advanced its features are, unless your target audience is informed about it, they are not going to buy it. To sell your product, you first need to educate your customers on what it does, how it functions, and how beneficial it is to them. Marketing serves as a medium to communicate the value of your offering to your customers in an exciting manner.

It ensures your customers are engaged with your business

Customer engagement is the key to running a business successfully. Marketing offers the convenience of communicating with your customers, even when they have physically left your store. You can send them relevant content and interact with them with the help of marketing. Marketing offers a great opportunity to build a strong relationship with your customers.

It sustains your relationship with your customers

Marketing is known to sustain your brand’s presence . It helps in creating a healthy relationship with your customers. However, it is essential to know that marketing is not a one-time affair. Instead, it is an ongoing process that aids the growth of your business. Marketing needs to be carried regularly to build a relationship with your customers and attain fruitful results.

It boosts the sale of your business

The primary motive for any business is to make maximum sales and earn a profit. Without marketing, it is difficult to achieve this goal. With marketing, you can inform people about your product, remind them about it, build a strong relationship with them, so they visit you again and again and ultimately drive sales.

It helps your business grow

The right marketing strategies can help you acquire new customers. Marketing efforts like blogging, email marketing, PPC, and social media don’t just engage your existing customers but also spread word of mouth to new customers , thus increasing the chances of expanding your customer base.

How to build a marketing strategy for your industry?

To market your business effectively, it is important to build your marketing strategy wisely.

Marketing strategy is nothing but the plan of action you create to promote your offerings to your target audience.

Some businesses offer multiple products or services under the same brand. At times, they are also involved in more than one industry. If they focus on creating a generic marketing strategy for all their offerings, there are high chances of failure. No matter how good a strategy a business creates for its one particular product, if it applies the same to promote its other offerings as well, it’s certainly not going to work.

Why so?

It’s a known fact that every industry is different, and so is their target audience and their needs.

The very first thing to consider when designing the marketing strategy for any offer is your target demographic. You need to understand which type of audience is going to be interested in your product/service and what their needs are that you are going to serve.

For example, if you are into the business of selling clothes for newborn babies, you need to design a marketing strategy that attracts new mothers. Though the clothes are for newborns, the final decision of making a purchase will rely on the new mothers. Hence, your marketing strategy will include techniques to attract, impress, and convince these new mothers.

If later you expand your business to offer clothes for teenagers as well, you obviously cannot use the same strategy to promote your product. The reason behind this is the change in your target audience. Now the decision maker here are the teenagers themselves, which is why you need to prepare new marketing strategies keeping their requirements in mind and not their mothers’ requirements.

Similarly, if from the clothes industry you move onto another industry like accessories, again there will be a shift in your target audience, and you will require to prepare new marketing strategies that cater to their needs.

At times, the industry you are involved in may be different, but it may have the same target audience as some other industry.

For example, you are a sportswear company. Your target audience is going to include people who are interested in different types of sports. Moreover, there is another company that deals in offering healthy and nutritional food products. The target audience for both these industries is going to be the same. In such cases, it is wise to keep a track on the different sectors that appeal to your audience.

You can study the marketing strategies of industries that cater to your target audience and try to include some elements of their plan in your approach. Doing so is undoubtedly going to benefit you.

Some industry specific marketing tips

Home services

Businesses that offer services to the customers’ home should include SEO, email marketing, and educational content in their marketing strategies. The service could be anything from a plumber, an electrician, or anything else. SEO will help your business rank higher on search engine results, whereas email marketing will keep your customers reminded about your existence.

Fitness industry

If you are a part of the fitness industry, it is advisable to develop a marketing strategy that includes the following:



Brand management

Giving freebies to your target audience will keep them reminded about their need to be fit. The more dedicated they are towards their fitness goals, the more the chances of you getting some business. Also, providing them with useful content relating to fitness will keep them motivated. You can contact them through your social media posts or blogs. Brand management techniques will help you handle your presence in the already crowded fitness industry.

Food industry

The growing competition in the food industry can make it difficult for you to stand out from the rest. Your marketing strategy should be a mix of everything – a bit of email marketing, re-targeting ads, social media advertising , and more.

Email marketing can serve as a reminder to your customers to revisit you. While it’s not recommended to flood the inbox of your audience, an email once or twice a month should be good.

Re-targeting ads that show on sites your customers are browsing will remind them about you and increase the chances of them revisiting you.

And of course, if you are in the food business, you cannot ignore social media. Regular posts and updates on social media sites can encourage not just your existing customers but also your new customers to visit you.

Retail industry

The retail industry should include mobile-friendly websites, loyalty programs, and email marketing in their marketing strategy. A good website can inform customers about the various products you sell, whereas email marketing can act as a gentle reminder to visit your store again. Loyalty programs help in building customer loyalty. As returning customers are the key to the success of a retail business, this technique should work well for those in the retail industry.

While making a specific marketing strategy for a particular industry may seem easy, it may not actually be so convenient. Also, there may be many challenges you may face when it comes to the implementation of the plan created.

Here the need for an experienced agency comes in!

If you want to build an effective marketing strategy for your offerings, you must turn to a renowned and experienced agency for help. When choosing an agency, you must ensure that it has experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies for a variety of industries. The more diverse their portfolio will be, the more confident you can be of their performance.

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