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Carter Grange Transformation

Carter Grange are reputable custom home builders in Melbourne who take care of the entire process of creating functional and luxurious homes for Melburnians. Whether you’re looking to build your dream home or building property for investment purposes, Carter Grange gives customers the red carpet treatment from start to finish.
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Collaboration with Adaptify

Carter Grange has a unique value proposition but was unable to convey this properly to its online properties. Adaptify was brought on board to revamp the website and content across all their online platforms and social media.


While Carter Grange was providing a concrete and respected service, it soon became clear to us that their competitors were ahead due to their strong presence online. Their websites looked better, performed better and ranked better.


We decided that to edge out the competition, it was integral to tweak what Carter Grange already had- a killer value proposition that resonated with their target audience.

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Before any changes to the content were made, we sat down to ensure that the website was developed to ensure a phenomenal UX. After all, whos going to trust a home builder if their website isn’t functional? We made changes in the design and development of the website.


From there, we began incorporating content and copy changes keeping the user experience in mind from the very beginning. We then tapped into the potential of social media, identifying that it is the perfect way to engage with a new demographic, exciting users at the prospect of building their dream home.


After Adaptify lent our touch to Carter Grange, we were able to increase unique visitors on the website by an astronomical 177.20%.
After content optimisation and demographic targeting for Carter Grange social media channels, there was an increase in 93.93% of traffic from social media to the Carter Grange website.
For such a niche player, this provided considerable opportunities for success!

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